Monday, July 28, 2008

The Randomness

Ok, so due to a lack of any real sporting news (I REFUSE to write about the d-bag with the 5 o’clock shadow over in Cheeseland), I decided just to throw out some thoughts on a bunch of random little things that are bothering me or that I’ve noticed. If you have any thought comments, or disagreements with what follows, please put it on the comment board and we can get some nice arguments going.

--The Yankees absolutely stole Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte from the Pirates. A .330/15/60 guy and a powerful righty out of the pen for basically one decent prospect? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve heard that a bunch of MLB GM’s are upset about this trade, and rightfully so. At what point is the league going to stop letting the big market teams bully everyone around and do whatever they want? This is starting to get really embarrassing for Major League Baseball.

--Maybe the St. Louis Cardinals should have made a move. They just got swept, at home, by the Brewers over the weekend and are now 4 games back in the NL Central with two teams in front of them. Plus, both Chicago (Zambrano and Harden) and Milwaukee (Sheets and Sabathia) have two dominant starters that won’t allow them to go on any prolonged losing streaks. Not good times in Saint Louey.

--Let me get this straight, Devin Hester is getting $15 million guaranteed to return kicks? Seriously? I know the Bears say he’s going to get some time at wide receiver as well, but let’s get serious here: he’s nothing more than a return guy. Granted he’s the best around, maybe ever, but so was Dante Hall a few years ago. Remember that guy? The Human Joystick? He was absolutely dominant and now he’s not even an afterthought anymore. Hester has only been going for 2 years and now he’s holding out and getting a ton of guaranteed money? Sounds like a terrible idea to me.

--Blah, blah, blah. Something about Brett Favre. Blah, blah, blah.

--When we look back on it, there’s a pretty good chance that Josh Childress and Brandon Jennings are going to be pioneers of the new NBA. Europe is going to play a huge role in the future of the League, especially for economically challenged high school seniors and lower tier pros (end of the bench guys). If Childress and Jennings have any sort of success, or especially if they parlay their European vacations into lucrative NBA contracts, this kind of thing will become a trend, not an anomaly.

--The AL Central is going to be a tight, three way dance for the last two months. And the Twins have a very favorable in-division schedule the rest of the way out too. I’m just saying…

--Marcus Camby going to the Clippers will prove to be the most underrated move of the NBA offseason. With a core of Kaman-Camby-Thorton-Davis, LA will make the playoffs next year.

--As great of a story as they have been, the Rays remind me a lot of the 2001 Twins: a team that was the surprise, feel-good story of the first part of the season, only to fade down the stretch in August and September. That AL East division is just too tough for an upstart team like Tampa to win, especially when Boston and New York can go out and get any player they want via trade or free agency.

--Has one man caused more stress, unhappiness, unrest, etc. than Drew Rosehaus? Every NFL client he gets immediately hates his contract and thus causes major headache’s for their current team. If ever there was a reason for collusion, it’s this guy.

--The Twins continue to shop for a 3 bagger despite Brian Buscher’s .333 average and 26 RBI in 30 games. I wonder what he did to get in Gardenhire’s dog house? How is he still losing playing time to Brendan Harris and Hey-Didn’t-You-Use-To-Be-Mike-Lamb?

--Before you complain too much about the Vikings’ QB “situation”, keep in mind that the Bears had a coin flip to determine whether Rex “Sex Cannon” Grossman or Kyle “Neck Beard” Orton would take the snaps with the first team offense during training camp. Think about how ridiculous that is…

--Michael Redd and Tayshun Prince will be the keys to Team USA winning gold in Beijing. If they can shoot and play tough perimeter D, this should be a cakewalk for the Americans.

--I like golf; I play golf; I watch golf; I even play fantasy golf. That said, without Tiger Woods, the PGA Tour sucks. No athlete in the history of sports has ever been or will ever be this important to their sport. It’s really incredible to think about the effect he has.


Dogg said...

The Pirates didn't have to make any moves if they didn't want to. What is the point of keeping any of their guys though? They will never spend a dime on any good players so why not get prospects when you can?

Drew Rosenhaus is a DICKHEAD but he might do his job better than anybody in this country. Yeah, his players holdout but they usually get the money they think is deserving.

The Clippers will be terrible and I will bet you any amount of money that they don't see the postseason this season. Brand is twice the player Marcus Camby is and he's gone as is Maggette. Now the signing of Ricky Davis makes them even worse.

Childress in not an end of the bench guy in the NBA. European teams won't pay end of the bench type guys because that won't attract crowds and amount to wins. They'll go after guys like Childress who average double digits and can dominate the leagues over there. They take their basketball very serious and will pay Childress-caliber players a large chunk of money. The Euro is also much stronger than the dollar right now which will also attract some players.

St. Louis is selling. They know they probably don't have much of a chance competing with Milwaukee or Chicago. They are trying to shop Lohse for prospects.

Mr. Cue said...

1) I just can't believe they didn't get better prospects for two quality major leaguers. That was the problem I had with the deal.

2)That's why the owners should boycott his clients. At some point he's going to cost these teams way too much for marginal players.

3) I made that prediction before the Davis signing. In no way do I back that statement now. Rick Dave is a cancer and he just ruined my sleeper call of the summer.

4) Good call on the Childress thing...

5) Remember when Lohse was going to "command" huge money in the free agent market because of the lack of starting pitching? How'd that work out for him? I think he only signed a one year deal though, and he should get paid this winter if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

Baseball has to watch out or people are going to start backing away from baseball again. They have to find away to keep the teams some what even like football has done. Its pretty predictable now days for baseball. You will get some teams like the Rays or Twins to step up and make a run but in a 7 game series against the top teams they don't have a chance.

The NBA and college basketball has to watch out for this eruo trash. I think its going to ruin college hoops if guys think they can go over to Euro right out of high school and make money. The Roses and Odens will be done with the 1 year and out. They have to come up with a good way to handle it. Im glad I do not have to make the call.

Sports agents in general are no good. All they do is try and get more money for their players so that hey get paid more.

All T Jax has to do is throw for 100 150 yards and a score and get 50 on the ground and not turn it over for the vikes to win games.

I agree that Tiger has drawn in the casual golfing fan to pay attention more. But I think the media makes it a bigger story then it should be. They always cut to Tiger even though he is not in the hunt or they always talk about him. They have to start talking about other good americans that are on the rise. There are a lot of young players from america that are on the way up

Mr. Cue said...

When was the last time that Tiger wasn't "in the hunt"? Even if he's 10 shots back he's still a realistic threat.

Anonymous said...

That is true but they do have to give props to other players that are playing well.