Thursday, September 13, 2007

Upon Review: Week 1

The first week of the season is in the books and, man, is there a lot to talk about. So without any further introduction, here's what we're talking about:

1. The Saints and Bears, both NFC favorites, lost in week 1. Which team should be more concerned and why?

Fuzz: I would like to say neither, since I believe both are going to be there in the end. Since I’m not for cop out picks, I’ll say the Saints. Mainly because their defense did not hold up at all. San Diego and Indy were among the top three offenses in points scored last year. A good litmus test for this question is this stat: Chicago gave up 14 and New Orleans gave up 41. Both played on the road, both played high-powered offenses, but New Orleans looked like a PeeWee team (especially in the second half) and the Bears held their own. Saints fans should be slightly worried, but Tampa Bay is next on the schedule this week, so this will all go away shortly.

Q: I'll be less wishy washy than Fuzz and go with the Bears. Yes, I know their defense was as dominant as ever and they shut down LDT and blah, blah, blah. I don't care. Everyone knew they were/are good, nay, great. However, their offense looked much worse than anyone could have imagined (except me, of course, when I picked them to go 5-11 this year), especially the running game. Some worried about the void left by Thomas Jones, but everyone in Chicagoland said that Benson was ready to be a feature back. Now? I'm thinking Bears fans might be at least a little worried. Their O line got throttled the entire game, Rexy was Rexy, and now they can't run the ball. Not good times for the Navy and Orange right now.

2. On the flip side, the Patriots and Chargers, both AFC favorites, won convincingly. They face off in week 2, so who ya got?

Q: If I were a lame, unfunny sportswriter (like, say, the Star Tribune's Jim Souhan) this is where I would put a joke about the Chargers winning because the Pats won't be able to videotape their signals. Ha. Ha. Anyways, I'm taking New England. I know that San Diego wants revenge after last year's playoff defeat/dance mocking debacle, but I don't see it happening. If not for an awkward bounce on a punt last week, the Chargers would have been in some serious trouble. I think Brady and Company are ready to prove to everyone that they are back and will dominate this game on both sides of the ball. You know what you won't see a lot of this week? Randy Moss. Bellichick will game plan around Maroney or Walker or Stallworth. He knows everyone is going to be watching #81 and will purposefully not run many plays his way.

Fuzz: I have to pick the Chargers. I picked them to represent the AFC in the Superbowl come February, so in order to be on that Superbowl level, you need, scratch that, you HAVE to win. The Patriots came into your house last year in the playoffs and beat you. All your dreams, crushed. If those aren’t fighting words I don’t know what is. Sports are such a mental game. The Chargers lose this game and then end up facing them in the playoffs, what do you think is going to be racing through their minds? Exactly. The Pats have done it before, the Chargers haven’t. I think this is in the top two most important games for them this year, even if it is week two. On the flip side, if the Pats win putting them at 2-0 vs. two AFC playoff teams, hmmm... Holy shit...

3. Give the people what they want, some fantasy news: 2 studs and 2 duds (along with reasons) from week 1.

Fuzz: Stud #1: Plaxico Burress. Two things that is great about this. 1) He was picked after the 5th round in most drafts, which gave him the element of surprise card. 2) Eli is out for a month so owners of Plexi Glass just got hustled big time. “Poolhall Junkie” hustled. Stud #2: Adrian Peterson. This is from my hometown boy, All Day. Peterson registered the best fantasy day out of any running back in the league, at least in normal fantasy formats. Not bad for a rook. On a side note, seeing his 4.4 speed streaking down the sidelines is priceless. Like seeing your kid riding a bike without training wheels for the first time or having a beer with your Grandpa priceless. I’m serious.

Dud #1: Steven Jackson (58 rush yds, 1 rec 3 yds). Look at that line? That is just funny. It’s funny because I don’t have him in one league! For the consensus #2 pick this is not what you want to see. It’s also funny that Christopher “I was probably not drafted in 90% of leagues in the Nation” Brown rushed for 175 yards week one. Don’t you love Fantasy? Dud #2: Drew Brees: (192 yds, 2 INT). Another high draft pick and another horrible performance. Played in the first game of the year in front of millions and looked terrible. Like the terrible of that new movie “Mr. Woodchuck.”

Q: This is going to be tough for me since all three of my fantasy teams were awful in week one. Stud #1 goes to Tony Romo. The only player on any of my teams that played like a man. 300+ yards, 4 passing TD's, and a rushing TD? Those are big time numbers from a guy who's looking to get paid. Stud #2 is Randy Moss. C'mon, our site is named after him, you knew we had to show him some love. After missing the whole preseason he goes off for 183 and two scores. Oh, and that muffled sound you're hearing is all the naysayers trying to get their collective foot out of their mouth.

Dud #1, and my new mortal enemy, is Thomas Jones. I have him as a second RB in two leagues and he goes for 45 yards. That's it. I know the Patriots D is tough, but come on. I can't say anymore because I'll go into a blind rage and there's no telling what I'll type then. Dud #2 goes to Frank Gore. A top 5 pick in every league playing against the Cardinals. Sounds like fantasy gold, no? 55 rushing yards later, he's in the "dud" category. What a chump.

4. Cautiously, most Vikings fans were pleased with Sunday's victory. What did you like and what didn't you like from the win over Atlanta?

Q: Obviously the defense was sick (much like we here at Superbowl Homeboy told you it would be). 2 INT's, 2 TD's and 6 sacks is a great way to start the year. And AP was the bomb as everyone and their mother has already told you. But what I really liked was Chester getting knicked up. This is going to put all the focus on Peterson and give Taylor a chance to shine. He'll have a monster game against Detroit because no one will game plan for him. I predict 75 rushing yards and 8 catches for 50 yards plus a TD, you know, if he plays...While the offense moved the ball more efficiently than I thought they would, T Jack still scares me a little. He rarely sets his feet and made some terrible throws (see: the flip out of bounds, the rocket behind Vinny, and the two missed deep throws). I know he's still raw, but some of that stuff is easy to fix. Set your feet and throw the ball young man.

Fuzz: Liked the Adrian Peterson performance that’s already starting the rookie of year talks, but loved our defensive performance. Two “see ya” picks to the house and six “lay down” sacks. Our defense sets the tone for our whole team. We’ll be in every game if the come out with that intensity as they showed in week one. I didn’t like that T-Jack missed on some longer throws. Better teams are going to make T-Jack win the game for us. He didn’t show that this game, so I’m hoping he’s a quick learner before we get to our meat of our schedule.

5. Lastly, tell us the 5 most important things that you learned from week 1 of the 2007 season.

Fuzz: In descending order:

5) No big surprise, but Miami, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Kansas City & Cleveland are your five worst teams in the league. In no particular order, those five squads are almost locks for the first five picks in next years draft. Hey Brian Brohm? I hope you like screaming head coaches with amazing press conferences, because you’re headed to Kansas City big guy.

4) I liked the performance by Tony Romo. You know this kid had a lot to prove after last years fumble debacle. I’m sure it played in his head every day, so to come out with a huge game like he did eases the pain a little. Good for him. Wait… is he still with Carrie? Nevermind, he’s still a goon.

3) Peyton Manning is still making a lot of coin on commercials.

2) LaDainian Tomlinson could be a starting quarterback for 10 teams in this league. This is getting a little ridiculous. Another passing TD? Come on! The guy can do anything it seems like. If he starts attempting PAT’s or starts calling audibles from the running back position, I’m out. I can only take so much.

1) Randy Moss gave the biggest “smoke & mirrors” performance of my lifetime. 183 yards and a touchdown!! I’m amazed on how people forgot so quickly. Yes, he still has this in him from time to time, but this will explode. I.e. Hammy or Locker room. Pick your poison. Bottom line is that he doesn’t stretch, he doesn’t care, and he’s going to give the Pats about a 6-7 week grace period before the hammer is dropped. Just wait...

Q: In no particular order:

5) Um, so the Colts are pretty good...I guess.

4) Bears 0-1, rest of the NFC North, 1-0. Guess what Chicago? That breeze you're feeling would be the winds of change, not the gusts off Lake Michigan.

3) Kansas City and Cleveland might be two of the worst teams to ever play in the NFL. And that includes the Raiders for the last decade.

2) Football Jesus, aka Brett Favre, throws 42 times for just about 200 yards, no touchdowns, and a pick. Time for the Cheeseheads to face facts: he's done. D-O-N-E, done. Bring on Aaron Rogers!

1) Detroit lucks out against Oakland in a battle of the two worst teams in football last year. Now they've got their chests all puffed out and have an air of invicibility about them. That will all come crashing to a hault in week 2 when the Brothers Williams crush Kitna and the Lions...

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