Monday, September 24, 2007

We're Comin'

Heads up baseball world, the Twins are comin'...

...all the way to a .500 season. That's right, it's called 7 straight seasons with more wins than losses me boys. With all the doom and gloom surround the Twins right now, at least we could have this. So what if Torii Hunter is a free agent in less than a week and basically gave his final goodbye to the Minnesota fans on Sunday afternoon?

At least we could still finish over .500.

And who cares if the Best Pitcher On The Planet keeps complaining about the lack of offense and seems headed out the door in a year (or less)?

At least we could still finish over .500.

So what if Gardenhire is trying to eff with the future of the franchise by regularly playing the likes of Nick Punto, Rondell White, and Luis Rodriguez over Alexi Casilla, Garrett Jones, and Brian Buscher?

At least we could still finish over .500.

And maybe have a newly funded stadium being built as we speak that could be empty thanks to a lack of talent/understanding of how to bring along young players.

At least we could still finish over .500.

The point is this: despite all of the negativity among fans, sportswriters, and players, this wasn't the worst season ever. Oh how soon we forget these days...

7 straight seasons of over .500 ball is a pretty amazing streak. So get it done boys. I'll be watching. Even if I'm the only one who still is.

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Chosman said...

That's a valuable signed card right there...atleast like 40 cents