Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vikings suck...NFL Questions

Ha, made you look...

1. As Fuzz predicted, Dallas had a huge coming out party in their win over Chicago on Sunday night. It would appear that they are the clear #1 in the NFC right now. That said, who do you have as the second best team in the conference?

Fuzz--The Seattle Seahawks! I know that chump Dogg is going to pick the Packers, but Brett Favre's arm is going to be hanging by a thread by about week seven. The ticker just said Shaun has a broken bone in his wrist, but I don't care. He's a warrior. Actually, I think he's kind of soft, but he plays in a weak division. Arizona is 0-3, St. Louie is falling apart, and San Fran still has Alex Smith as their quarterback. They'll have 10 or 11 wins, which will be a lot in the NFC. I can't stress how bad the NFC is. It's bad. The AFC has the big dogs. The Cowboys and the Seahawks are the only two teams that can piss with the big dogs.

Dogg--The Green Bay Packers like I said when the season began. I still believe they have the best QB and WR in the league. I know Roy Williams is very talented but Donald Driver does it all and plays with bruises unlike Roy. They haven’t had a cupcake schedule by any means and are a perfect 3-0 with an easy match up this weekend against our awful Minnesota Vikings. They win the NFC North and get at least one playoff game which will be a guaranteed victory. They are going to be in the NFC Championship game and I’ll go out on a limb and say they make the SB.

Q--I’m going to say that it’s still Chicago. I know the Cowboys flat out embarrassed them on national television, but there are so many question marks about all the other teams in the conference that I just can’t go away from the Bears. If they ever wise up and put Brian Griese at quarterback (as the fans were clearly and loudly chanting for the other night), they will be just fine. He’s not a guy that’s going to necessarily win a game for you, but he’s not going to lose it either (like, say, the Sex Cannon). Their D is still the best in the conference and they get to play Detroit and Minnesota twice each. That’s a lot of positives in their favor.

2. In Arizona, an ineffective Matt Leinart was pulled on Sunday and backup Kurt Warner looked very good, almost leading the team to a comeback win. Do you think it's a good idea for a team to bench the future of the franchise because of poor play and thus create a quarterback controversy?

Dogg--It’s not a controversy at all in my mind. Lionheart is their QB and wasn’t having a good day so they went with the veteran against a very good defense on the road. We all know Kurt Warner is passed his prime and older than dirt so it was the right move for that game. Matty will be back in there next week with Warner waiting for him to struggle again in the future.

Maybe he has his mind on other things...

Fuzz--The only thing Kurt Warner is good for is an over exposed wife and crying with Dick Vermiel. Besides that, he's back-up talent. Leinart is still very young and still needs time to develop. Arizona is still building the offensive line, so this partly is not all of his fault. That line ain't stellar. They're 0-3 so this will be so stupid to sit Leinart. You might as well give him all season to get better.

Q--I thought it was a terrible idea by a rookie head coach. Did Warner play significantly better? Definitely. But now Leinart is going to be looking over his shoulder on every single incompletion and/or interception. You can’t mess with the young man’s confidence like that. If he’s your guy, then let him make his mistakes and grow. He shouldn’t be peeking over to the sidelines to see if the Grocery Bagger is strapping on his helmet every game.

3. After finishing 14-2 last year, Norv Turner's San Diego Chargers have started this season at 1-2. What is the reason for this poor start? Can they still turn the season around and become the dominant team that everyone thought they'd be?

Fuzz--First off, has a coach that won about 85% of it's teams games ever been fired before? Marty got hosed in this deal. Yeah they got beat at home in the playoffs, but it was to those Patriots. You've might have heard of them. I really don't know what's wrong with them. I wasn't crazy about the Turner hire, but they still have the talent, so this is a little confusing. The Patriots loss a couple weeks ago was acceptable, losing to the Packers was cause for concern. Look at their division though? Oakland, KC & Denver. Ish. Two of the worst teams in the league and an alright Denver team. They'll win the division and be fine. Dogg will probably disagree with this too, maybe even Q. Let me remind you, they're morons.

Q--This week is huge for the Bolts. Obviously their major problem has been a lack of a consistent offensive attack. This should not be an issue when you have talent like LDT, Gates, Rivers, etc. on your team. I do agree with Fuzz that they should still win the division and make a playoff run. However, Sunday’s game against the Chiefs is a big one. If they don’t go out and absolutely dominate a bottom of the barrel team like KC, then we’ll know that these problems will doom them all season. Marty Ball may not win you a Super Bowl, but Norv Ball is threatening to keep you out of the playoffs. Someone in San Diego needs to figure it out.

Dogg--Norv Turner is a terrible head coach, period. There are no other reasons behind their poor start.

4. Donovan McNabb and the Eagles exploded for 56 points on Sunday. Is this the major turning point in their season, or was it just a mirage?

Q--Absolutely a mirage. D Nice isn’t the QB that he once was and I’m still not convinced that his knee is in all that good of shape. They lit up an absolutely terrible Lions secondary and now I’m supposed to be impressed? I don’t think so. Their O line is decent, their receivers are average at best, and their defense is extremely old. That doesn’t sound like a team that is going to have a magical season, in my opinion.

Dogg--McNabb is legit and looks like Kevin Curtis might’ve had his coming out party. Reggie Brown was the #1 going into the season but doesn’t remember how to run a route any more. It will be the Westbrook and Kevin Curtis show this year catching a number of balls from McNabb who will be hucking 30+ times every game. I think the Eagles defense is above average and the offense found it’s groove. I believe they are a playoff team in the weak NFC and McNabb is now out to prove a point after the struggles in weeks 1 and 2.

Fuzz--Who knows? One week McNabb looks like he's running like Frankenstein and the next he looks like Carl Lewis. He looked like the quarterback of old for 60 minutes. It should be said here that he was playing the Lions. The Lions are awful. #2 pick in the draft last year, people forget this. To get down to the gritty here, I'll say it's a mirage. I don't see them winning more then 7 or 8 games. It might put you in the playoffs, but you're still around .500. That's average.

5. Since I know you are all fantasy rubes, I'm going to give you a chance to vent (or boast) about your fantasy team(s)/players. Take your best shot.

Fuzz--Well I just benched Philip Rivers for the Sex Pistol (Rex Grossman) this week and it bit me in my a**. Why would anyone start the pistol you say? I have no idea, I complete that moron tripod with my other two cohorts. I'm in four leagues and it's just stupid. I don't recommend it. Get down to two, it's perfect. One is too less and three is too many. Two you can manage very well and still feel like you don't have your eggs all in one basket. My biggest vent for fantasy this year is: I'm in four flipping leagues, our blog name is out of respect for this player, he's the best player in fantasy right now, yet I didn't draft Randy "the freak" Moss in one of my leagues. Awesome.

Q--Unlike these two clowns, I only have 3 teams (though I’d agree with Fuzz that 2 is the perfect amount). I have enjoyed a lot of success in recent years with my fantasy teams, so I probably don’t have much of a right to complain. But, Bill Belichick is killing me. Not only am I getting lit up by one Patroit player after another (first Moss, then Watson, then Brady), but the one offensive player that I have is getting no love. Maroney has been running the ball like a stud, but he can’t seem to get even 20 carries a game or any goal line love. C’mon Bill, I know you want to save Laurence for the stretch run, but throw me a freaking bone here.

Dogg--I am a fantasy rube and play in 5 leagues which needs to be reduced next year for sure. I have and play against every damn player in the league on a weekly basis and lucky if I haven’t had 13 heart attacks before the MNF game is over with. I have LT in two leagues and somehow am 1-2 in one of the leagues and 2-1 in the other so I’m rather happy about that. He’ll go for 100+ yards this week with 2+ TD’s against the worthless Chiefs so I’m ready for that to happen. I guess taking Lamont Jordan and Ed James has paid off for me thus far. Overall, I’m happy with my 5 teams overall performance. 0-3, 1-2, 2-1, 2-1 and 3-0.

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