Wednesday, July 25, 2007

F-ing Rat

I have always wondered and questioned why the NBA officials can't just call a normal basketball game. There is a certain rule for this type of defense, a certain rule for different areas on the floor, just a whole bunch of shit that doesn't make sense to any basketball mind. Well, we've now got at least one answer....we had one big pile of shit official deciding the outcomes of these games.

This league is so corrupted that it makes the scenes from the movie "Seven" look like Christmas Day. There are all sorts of problems with the refs in this league from some being women, others that are great great grandparents, some that look like their using steroids and worst of all, one if not more than one fixing games to get their gambling fix in even when they are making $300,000. Sorry to all women reading but a women should not be refereeing a mans sport especially with the intimidating players in this league.

I believe the NBA had this coming though with all the stupid, made up rules they've come up with over the years. It allows an NBA official to have complete control of the game. The hand-checking rules allow for the refs to make judgement calls which can rarely be seen as a mistake. Defensive 3 seconds allows for the lane to be wide open for the majority of the game which players take advantage of by taking the ball to the rim. Any time that happens, a referee usually has the option of calling a foul every single time if he/she wants to. Fouls are judgement calls and nobody is going to criticize you too much unless the FBI is investigating every single call you've made over the past 2 seasons.

So this Tim Donaghy character might've single handily caused the outcome of one of the best playoffs we've seen in years? Who will ever know exactly which calls were mistakenly blown and which calls were 100% dog shit because he wanted to make some fucking coin. He probably cheated away millions of dollars from betters nationwide who probably want to go Hannibal Lecter on him right now and I don't blame them one bit.

Just when I got serious with the NBA this postseason and decided to watch almost every game from start to finish, this shady looking rat decides he wants to fix the games. Has the guy ever watched a mobster/sports betting movie? Did he see Worm cheating at every card game he sat down at? You never come out on top because once you win while cheating, it's virtually impossible to stop. The percentages are not in your favor. You'll get ratted out by somebody or the mobsters will just end you because they want to. For the sake of all NBA fans, lets hope Tim Donaghy catches a hanger.

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Anonymous said...

yes that is the same reason I hate the NBA. Just put in the same rules that they started the game and that the college game has. There should be no D 3 secs violation. THey should be able to play zone d. The NBA players have to become better shooters in general. Good blog.