Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

*So much for the savior. RonDL made his triumphant return last night after being out since the beginning of April with various muscle pulls and strains. Led by his 0-4 performance, the Twinks drop game one of a three game set with Toronto.

*Of course, everyone’s favorite pansy wasn’t entirely to blame. Johan Santana apparently got some pitching advice from Bert Blyleven before the game and proceeded to surrender 4 bombs to the Blue Jays. Two of these were served up to Frank Thomas, who now has 52 career moon shots against the Twins. Memo to Rick Anderson: maybe walking this guy wouldn’t be a bad idea.

*Late British Open rant: like most people, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Serg give away the Championship. However, listening to him blame everything and everyone but himself for his problems was outrageous. The one that absolutely blew me away was when he complained that he had to wait 15 minutes before his second shot on 18. Really? This from a guy who, a couple of years ago had to be warned by the PGA for standing over his shots for too long? It’s comments like these that make him the most hated man in golf (well, at least I hate him).

*Ok, so I know that the dog fighting ring that Michael Vick is allegedly involved in is a terrible thing. I in no way condone the treatment of any animal the way he and his cohorts allegedly did. But did we really need the tree-hugging, hippie, PETA people picketing at Falcons training camp? Trust the NFL and the Falcons to do the right thing. They need time to make sure that they aren’t suspending an innocent man. Put down your placards and go take care of your family or do something meaningful with your life. Losers. If Vick worked at some deli down the street and had these same allegations brought against him, would these people picket there to make sure he wouldn’t come into work? Of course not. They’re just looking for TV time. What a bunch of glory-seeking hypocrites.

*Am I the only one who wishes they would have known about Tim Donahy (aka Tony from Blue Chips) shaving points and fixing games sooner? I mean if you are going to single-handedly ruin the reputation of an entire professional league for years to come, at least let some more of us make some money off of it before we never watch it again.

*I bet a couple of months ago Selig never thought that the steroid problem in baseball would be the THIRD biggest scandal in sports. Hey Bud, maybe it would be a good idea to attend Bonds’ games just to take the spotlight further away from your sport.

*As long as we’re (sort of) on the subject of homeruns, is there any doubt that Alex Rodriguez is going to be the all time homerun king when he retires? I know 500 homers isn’t what it used to be, but to already be at that milestone, at his age, and still playing at the highest level, it’s simply amazing. As much as I hate the extra amount of coverage that the Yankees get compared to the rest of baseball, I think that more should be made of this. What all of these people bitching and moaning about Bonds breaking the record need to realize is that his record will only stand for a few years. By 2015, Bonds’ alleged steroid use will be a moo point (you know, like a cow’s opinion) because A-Rod will have toppled everyone.

*Movie recommendation: Freedom Writers. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, which is based on a true story and stars Hillary Swank. Granted, as an English teacher I may be biased in liking a movie about kids becoming writers, but it seems a bit more realistic than most of the typical “ghetto/stupid kids make something out of their lives” type of flick. Just watch it. You have nothing better to do.

*Note to Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale: so, about those trades/moves you promised us were coming…

*Because you care: as you read this, the Valley Lounge softball team will be wrapping up it’s third consecutive Eagan C League Championship. Next summer we will be starting the second leg of the “repeat three-peat”.

*Two links to end this rambling:
1. http://www.tuckermax.com/
I just recently read this guy’s book (I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell) and thought it was hilarious. On his website he has a bunch stories about his drunken escapades and adventures with the ladies. Very funny and very R rated, so be warned that this isn’t proper reading at work.
2. http://draftkevindurant.blogspot.com/
Some guy, a Trailblazer fan, who very much wanted Durant on his favorite team. Despite his dream not coming true, he kept the website name and writes some funny, sports-related stuff. Give it a look.

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