Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Minnesota Vikings might be your version of the Bad News Bears this year. An inexperienced QB, WR’s who have combined to do absolutely nothing in this league and an O-line that always underachieves. The one bright spot is that we have two good RB’s but only one of them can touch the ball each offensive play. The defense is solid but they aren’t going to be the Chicago Bears defense who are the only defense in NFL history to single handedly take their team to the Super Bowl.

There are a couple of rookies who might be exciting and may turn into something in the future but it’s tough for a bunch of rookies to have immediate impact. Adrian Peterson (aka A.P.) highlights the rookies and it would really surprise me if he wasn’t our best player on the offensive side of the ball this year. Sydney Rice hails from that outstanding college of WR’s known as South Carolina where the Vikes got an absolute steal a couple of years ago with Troy Williamson. Wait….Williamson is easily the worst position player drafted in the top 10 in the previous 3 years. For Vikings fans sake, lets hope Sydney turns out more like Jerry than he does Troy. We’ve also heard names like Aundrae Allison (WR) (why not Andre?) and Marcus McCauley but I never believe in these type of guys until they prove something to me. Beating Antoine Winfield on a slant or breaking up a pass thrown by Brooks Bollinger in training camp doesn’t mean a thing to me.

The head coach looks like a porn star who’s supposedly a genius from the offensive side of the ball. What do you do when you don’t have a QB who can throw the ball combined with WR’s who can’t catch the ball? You run Chester Taylor 10-15 times a game and A.P. another 15-20 times a game, throw the ball to Mewelde Moore 2 yards downfield on 3rd down and just hope he can break 4 tackles David Palmer style and somehow come up with a 1st down.

I can’t say too much negative about our defense. It might be one of the best defensive units in the league. Pat and Kevin Williams are one of the most feared DT tandems throughout the league. With the addition of Mike Doss and getting Tank Williams back will make for some big plays playing along side Darren Sharper and Antoine Winfield. Getting Chad Greenway back can only improve our LB situation and moving E.J Henderson to the middle will be a huge upgrade. This might be the best defense Minnesota fans have seen in the past 20 years.

All in all, the purple don’t look like they’ll be a factor in the NFC North yet again. There are just way too many holes that won’t be able to be filled this year. The offense might show signs of greatness at times with some of the young talent but will be extremely inconsistent. The coach will continue to look like a guy from “Debbie Does Dallas” and the defense will be a rock for 16 games. It sounds like a formula for a handful of 3-2 losses.


Anonymous said...

A few blogs ago you said Positivity: 2008 Vikes Preview. Why the change of hart?

Anonymous said...

How about the Ravens winning the super bowl with no O its not just the bears

Anonymous said...

We had some pretty good defenses when Tony Dungy was our defensive coordinator.

Shouldn't it be that our O-line "underachieves" rather than "overachieves"?

I don't get the Bad News Bears comparison.

Anonymous said...

The Bad News Bears comparison is that the team is inexperienced and will struggle is my guess.