Wednesday, August 1, 2007

MN Sports

MN Sports

Whats up with Boston/NE taking our sloppy seconds?

1. First, the Red Sox get Fat Dave after the Twins released him and he goes wild. He is now a borderline HOF'er if he keeps his production up for 4 more years. They also won a WS with him being a major factor.

2. The Bruins get Manny Fernandez from the Wild. He used to be our franchise goalie, but the jury is still out on what he'll do in Boston.

3. The Patriots aquire Randy Moss for absolutely nothing. The Patriots were already good, but with his aquisition and others, they are now the Super Bowl favorites. He is also looking to revive his career, so the chances that he as a good season are pretty good.

4. Lastly, the Celtics aquire KG for some spare parts and a lapdance. This now makes the Celtics the favorites in the Eastern Conference and possibly even the favorites to win it all while the Wolves are quite possible the worst team in the league still lead by the worst GM.

What do the Minnesota Sports franchises have to show for this? A couple of playoff appearances(Twins & Wild), no conference/league titles, and several struggling teams. Our GM's need to be held accountable for all of this. Constantly mis-evaluating talent or refusing to go get talent should not be taken for granted around here anymore. I'm tired of only getting close because we take a misstep somewhere or even having no hope after several personnel errors. I want to see a world champion.

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