Friday, August 31, 2007

To Do It or Not To Do It

The Minnesota Vikings traded up to get their current quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson. His talent is yet to be determined and whether he can play quarterback in this league effectively is still a question mark for all the Purple faithful.

T Jax sat most of his rookie campaign last year except for starting the final two games of the season that was already a lost cause. Did he look good? Absolutely not, but he was a freaking rookie who had sat on the sidelines for 3 straight months not taking a snap. I personally didn’t expect much from him in those situations so my outlook for this year is completely positive.

I am going to beg for the Minnesota Vikings to stick with this guy through the ups and downs. QB’s who have to deal with getting benched every other game never amount to anything in this league. Their confidence is shot immediately and they will never become the player that they maybe once would have. You cannot trade up in the draft and not give the player a full season to show the fans what he has to offer.

Lets be real, this team isn’t going to win a Super Bowl this year so let’s see what we got with this kid. There will be times when the fans think we got a steal with this guy and there will be other times when the fans think this kid is just another mistake the Purple made in the draft. The Vikings should roll with this talented young kid this year and I think we’ll be very thrilled going into the 2008 season.


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