Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We DON'T Like You

Spencer Pratt of "The Hills" is by far the biggest tool shed on TV right now. I have watched 2 full seasons of this show and now starting the 3rd season and I haven't seen this kid do one thing to make me want to think otherwise.

The first thing that pisses me off is that he does his hair like the 3rd cut at the U.S. Open. Quit acting like you're GQ. You're engaged at the age of 23 to a 20 year old who doesn't know better so get off your high horse and get a f'n job while you're at it.

Has there ever been a young man or woman that has tuned into anything worth while after being handed them anything and everything they've ever wanted by their parents? Unless the show misses mass amounts of footage, this tool hasn't worked one hour in his life while driving a brand new sports car, bought an apartment which proceeded to all of the sudden have 2 arcade games, a lobster tank and professional graffiti on the wall that looked hideous but probably costed a grip load.

I've watched several teen shows like "The OC, "One Tree Hill", "Laguna Beach", etc. and I've never disliked a character as much as I dislike Spencer Pratt. Guys like Dan Scott can murder his brother Keith, Oliver can turn psycho on the likes of Marissa Cooper and Steve can date LC and Kristen at the same time but there will never be a complete toolbox like Spencer. Congrats Spencer and please wipe that shit grin that you have on your face 24/7 before somebody rearranges it for you.

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