Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Picture of the Day

Manny Ramirez & Kurt Suzuki

Dogg: Kurt Suzuki is trying to get a piece of Manny and Manny of course wants nothing to do with it. Manny probably did end up slapping him like a little bitch across the helmet telling him to get his ass back to Cal-State Fullerton where he belongs. Honestly, how many sports photos turnout looking like something ridiculous is about to happen? Way to many!!!

Fuzz: Manny probably doesn't even care. He probably thinks it's the Japanese way of saying hello. Americans shake hands and the Japanese uncomfortably give you a hug in the midsection. He probably tapped him on the helmet with his open hand saying: "Hello to you Mr. Suzuki."

Q: "Saw you wife at the bar last night, Manny. Helluva dancer, you must be proud. And that guy she was with...I mean, I'm sure he's a close, personal friend and all, but tell me--what the hell was he doing wearing her panties on his head?"

*Readers note: We're trying something new here. It's a little bit of a lull for the sports world so we figured we'd throw up a picture of the day with our comments for a cheap way to have something up everyday. We're still going to write as much as we can but this should fill in for the days that we don't have any stories up. Picture of the Day (POD) will be up every working day. Hopefully all three of us comment each day but no promises. At least one will comment everyday though.*

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