Monday, March 31, 2008


Q: The second he let go of the ball, DJ Augustin realized that he had just donated a basketball to some lucky fan in the 15th row.

Fuzz: Derrick Rose is like: "No fucking way I'm touching Dozier! I know who that slimy bastard has been with."

Dogg:First off, wow! These guys are freak athletes. Augustine is about 4’8” and looks like he’s jumping 16 feet in the air. Dozier is 6’9” and looks like his head is about to hit the f’ing rim!!!! Atchley (white boy) is taking in the play thinking how good he could be if he was half as athletic as both Dozier and Augustine. The ball probably ended up in the 17th row after Dozier beat that!!!

Side note: Fuzz and Q think Augustine can dunk which he probably can but by no means in a game situation. He never has done it!

Readers Note: Big week for TKOT. Along with Q's Davidson article below(a good read), we're going to have a Twins preview, a Final Four Preview, a AL/NL baseball preview and then hopefully a Q&A with a special guest. Plus, a Picture of the Day everday! Giddy up...

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