Friday, March 28, 2008


Dogg: Must be Duke fans

Q: This is the kind of fan support your school gets when you play in the NIT--one more beer and these two might practice their "sword swallowing" techniques.

Fuzz: Hey Maximus? Mine is longer than yours.

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Mr. Cue said...

I know I've already said my piece on this, but this is such a ridics picture that I have to go on. Notice the drawn in abs on the guy on the right? Is he serious with that? And the guy on left's pants seem to be just about all the way off. These are definitely Duke fans.

Anonymous said...

Notice the guy in the lower right hand corner. You can only see the top half of his head. I wonder if that's Ace or Gary. Either way that crowd is made up of some serious clowns.

-Fitzy Fresh

Pup Money said...

Is this the audition for American Gladiators?