Thursday, March 27, 2008

Picture of the Day

Fuzz: Ray Felton (#20) is either singing alleluia or just tried to pull the most half ass charge in the history of basketball. One or the other.

Q: Felton obviously read the scouting report on Kobe: "Warning: #24 does not play well with others. Avoid getting in his way and touching him at all costs."

Dogg: I believe all 3 of us were just talking about Ray Felton last night and wondered what the fuck happened to him. This picture gives us good reason to why we haven’t heard a lick from this chump.

Readers note #1: We're trying something new here. It's a little bit of a lull for the sports world so we figured we'd throw up a picture of the day with our comments for a cheap way to have something up everyday. We're still going to write as much as we can but this should fill in for the days that we don't have any stories up. Picture of the Day (POD) will be up every working day. Hopefully all three of us comment each day but no promises. At least one will comment everyday though.

Readers note #2: Five NBA questions to follow sometime today. Stay tuned...

Readers note #3: For the non-computer skilled people, you can click on the picture to see a bigger and better version of it.

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