Monday, January 14, 2008

10 random thoughts

Like the heading says, 10 random thoughts.

Brandon Jacobs should have been fined/suspended/penalized for that crow hop throw against the play clock last weekend. Granted, I laughed out loud when it happened, but that was so stupid. What the hell was he thinking? If he would have broke the glass it would be a much bigger story. Can’t you just hand the ball to the ref or do one-arm spike? I just don’t get running full boar toward the back wall and chucking the ball has hard as you can. One of these times one of these idiots is going to hit a spectator and shit’s going to hit the fan.

Not going to lie, I’m getting a little nervous about the Johan trade right now. Is it ever going to happen? I’m really nervous Billy is getting too comfortable and says: “It’s frickin Johan Santana, if not now, people will bite at the trading deadline this summer.” That’s what you call rolling the dice. To me you have better leverage now before the season starts. Unless a team is convinced a rent a player like Johan will absolutely get them to the World Series, they will under value him because they know the situation we’re in. Trade him now or sign him.

I think Roger Clemens is lying through his teeth in his attempt to prove his innocence. Probably not a big call but I don’t think he’s told the truth once post Mitchell Report.

Blake “make it rain” Hoffarber is my favorite Gopher basketball player since Miles “dirt-lip” Tarver. Kidding, since Bobby Jackson. Bobby J was fucking great as the Big Ten player of the year proved his senior year. Hoff probably won’t get that good but as a freshman he’s showing great promise. I know this might be a little late in the game, but TKOT is claiming Hoff as it’s official Gopher player. We give him are stamp of approval because he’s great at---Catch, Shoot, Splash, Repeat…

Along the same lines, Tubby Smith is my favorite Gopher Basketball coach ever. It should be noted that I don’t remember any coaches before Clem and Monson. Clem cheated and set this program back years and Monson was the wrong Gonzaga coach to hire. Mark Few proved to be the genius on that bench during their magical runs.

As Dogg says, the downfall to Tubby is that we’re going to get players in here that are going to be one & done. NBA bound players. We’re going to have to deal with that he says. Funny & overly optimistic...but maybe true...

I know this was posted on YouTube a long time ago but I ran into it again and forgot how funny it was. The weed consumed before this video had to be momentous. CLIP.

I’m on to the show “Deadwood” now. I just keep jumping to different HBO shows until I catch them all I guess. That’s been the pattern lately. I don’t have HBO so I wait until the seasons finish and rent the DVD’s. It’s actually not a bad way to watch TV. Instead of waiting a week for answers, you can just watch the next immediately.

Anyways, since I’m all caught up with “The Wire,” I needed another show to hook onto. My cousin Nick convinced me to test out “Deadwood.” I’m seven eppy’s into season one and HBO did it again. Another fucking dandy. HBO is insane for TV. The best thing I love about HBO is that they are unbelievably great at character development. You hardly recognize any of the actors, which helps, but they truly know how to make these characters more believable than any other character on a different network. I don’t think it’s a coincidence with the actors playing the roles either, I think it’s an overall network approach.

T.O. crying after the loss against the Giants was one of the strangest clips I’ve ever seen in sports. I don’t think he was joking at all and seemed overwhelmingly sincere. You wanted to feel for the guy then you realized it’s Terrell Owens and he’s one of the bigger prima donnas in all of sports. He lost me when he said that known of his relationships with his quarterbacks went sour and that he’s always had good relationships with his QB’s. Whatever man, stop being a sissy.

Joe Lunardi from ESPN does a weekly braketology segment where he places the teams in a 64-team bracket. Doesn’t matter the time of year, he does brackets all year. What a job! Anyways, you’re #1’s are UNC, Kansas, Memphis and UCLA. No complaints. My team Duke is a #2 seed, which I expect that to change to a #1 at the end of the year. Any disagreements? He also has Minnesota as “last four out” since they made it last week. WTF Joe? A 16 pt comeback win on the road against Penn State and we’re out? Where’s the love? TKOT’s home away from hometown team Marquette is a #3 seed. We need them to get a higher seed this year. The last couple years they fall off at the end and fuck up their seed. Come on fellas, not this year.

American Idol starts up this week. Any fans here? I have to admit it, I am. Call me what you want but it’s one of my shows. Simon is the man, Paula’s hopped up with her guns hanging out all the time and Randy is a “yo dog.”



Sow Cow said...

Dear Fuzz,

Please include Arizona updates when you mention college basketball.


Fuzz said...

They aren't a top 25 team. They aren't a hometown team. They aren't even our hometown team away from our hometown. They aren't relevant right now at all. I have no idea why I should include them in any college basketball conversation at all? Feel free to give them love in the comments section yourself but until they actually mean something this year besides their legendary coach leaving, I'm not going to mention the Arizona program.

Hill said...


I agree on the Jacobs thing, what was that?

My favorite part was following the show of man hood, tossing the ball into the clock, the guy who picked up the ball. You know he was thinking, "yes..ebay here I come"! Only to have Jacobs standing there yelling something along the lines of "give me the damn ball man".

I also agree about Idol, I always love the first few "eppys" (as you refer to them). I know that the producers show you the worst to get people to watch, but I love to see these people who think they are good, but have no chance in hell.

Mom said...

Love the article. When will we get to see the outrageous predictions one? Ask Cue if you don't know what this one is.

Finn-to-win said...

Fuzz you have to give up on Duke man. They will not be a 1 seed they are not even the best team in the ACC.

I would watch out for Xavier. Have you seen them play yet this year? They are a scary team to meet at the 6-10 seed.