Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giants 23- Packers 20

Fuzz: Brett Farve. Freezing cold. That freezing cold statistic we all know. Playoff game. Lambeau field---no chance in hell the Giants win this game.
Q: 0% chance the Giants win. Yeah, I said it. It's going to be butt fucking cold in Green Bay this weekend and Elisha has no shot of winning this game. It's going to be a route.
Dogg: I liked the Packers since day 1 and I’ll stick with them against the Giants. I don’t see GB losing at home this time of year. I think the chances of NY playing well for a 3rd straight game is about 5%.

Yeah...our bad.


Finn-to-win said...

Great picks.
Whats Farve record now in the cold. I suppose the temp just drops more so his record remains the same. Eli 1 and 0 when the temp is minus 0 in the NFC championship. Wasn't Eli's record in the cold bad?. said...

Can you guys come to work for me? You seem to have good insight and fresh ideas when it comes to the spread.

Pup Money said...

I'm a HUGE HUGE Green Bay fan, but Brett Favre hasn't been the same playoff quarterback ever since Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons trounced the Pack 27-7 at Lambeau Field in 2002. I was nervous coming into this game and I guess now I was supposed to be. My blood pressure was at a record high with 2 minutes to go in the game and during that Field Goal attempt. Disappointing way to go out, but Green Bay will be better next season. It was the Patriots year, they have this in the bag. Green Bay will win the Super Bowl next season, mark my words.