Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Ladies and Gentleman-

Just to give you a quick update...we suck. Actually we’ve sucked the last week about. You haven’t really seeing anything up here from us lately. Our man Sauer came up huge with articles last Thursday and Friday but nothing from the real talent. Ha. However, we do have a roundtable that will be coming up at the latest tomorrow. It’s going to make up for our suckiness because it’s going to be long. You might need a good 3-4 days to read everything. Start stashing your computer desks with perishable food items and overly expensive bottled water because you're going to need it.

In the meantime, a pal of mine, K-Balls sent me these two articles below. It’s a sarcastic/pessimistic/hilarious view of the Twin Cities broken up to Minneapolis and St. Paul. It's a good read. It has three pages to each so find the flipping other pages beyond the first one you idiots. If you live in this area you’ll love it.

MPLS Breakdown

St. Paul Breakdown

See you tomorrow...

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Buddha said...

I for one, cannot wait until the roundtable is published!!! I look forward to that moment each week...imagine - just the opportunity to hear what dogg thinks of something!!!