Thursday, February 7, 2008

10 random thoughts

Q read my mind. I knew we were lacking on the writing this week and we didn't have anything planned so I put together 10 quick random things. I just wanted to get something up here before the hate mail started pouring in. 10 thoughts on this Thursday afternoon...

I can’t give you a good reason how Spencer Tollackson went 7-7 from the field and perfect from the line in the win over Northwestern. Was he on some sort of drug? Probably. A drug that turned him from a horseshit Big Ten post player to someone who pulls a Bill Walton on us. No idea how this was even possible. Either it was the drugs or Northwestern watched game film and said: “Leave him open.”

Everyone see that Duke win? Ok, moving on...

Santana said in the papers this week: “I have no hard feelings against the Minnesota Twins.” Fuck off Johan. No shit you don’t. You just signed the richest contract for a pitcher in the history of the game and you pretty much forced it to get done on your timeline. If the reports were correct that we offered 5/$100 million and he shot that down, we really had no hope to sign him at all. He wanted out no matter what. Good riddance you fuckwad.

Shaq to the Suns for Marion and Banks. This trade blows my mind. Can Shaq still get from one baseline to the next baseline in under seven minutes? I really have no idea. I think Shaq should race Dick Bavetta like Chuck Barkley did in the All-star game a few years back and if he can’t beat him, the trade is null.

NFL Live was on last night and for some reason this made TKOT very unhappy. Football needs to go away for a while. I always feel that way after a long sports season, especially football. They had David Tryee on. The guy who caught the football on his head. Four days later, they are still rehashing the Superbowl! I love football but please go away. Oh yeah, this didn’t stop us from turning the channel either. We sat through it and bitched the whole time. We’re idiots.

What’s the over/under when Brittney Spears dies? I’m putting it at 14 months before she bites the dust.

Speaking of football, you can bet on the Pro Bowl. Does anyone really do this? Sports gambling in general is a crapshoot, but the flipping Pro Bowl? Come on. How can you justify putting more than five dollars on this game? Off the gambling thought for a second, the Pro Bowl is by far the worst sports all-star game out of the major sports. It’s not even close.

The Wild are first in their division and seem to be playing well. That’s about the extent of my knowledge of the team. If we make playoffs and make a run, you won’t find a bigger fan than me. I’m that guy. Anyone want to write a “Voices from a Stranger” column on them? We would welcome it!

Tim “human promotion” Brewster has a pretty solid class coming in next year in his first full year of recruiting. They are any where from 16 to 25 in rankings from the various websites. We haven’t been that high in about 30 years. Next year, I would like him to do better locally, but he did pull some good kids nationally. MarQueis Gray is the standout recruit. He’s a raw but big QB out of Indiana and looks dynamic of what highlights I’ve seen. The stat that sticks out is that from the years ’02-’07 we had a total of four four-star recruits. Tim has six coming in next year. That’s a hell of an improvement.

Lastly, today is my birthday. Hoorah! Kidding. But Garth Brooks, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Juwan Howard, Steve Nash, James Spader and if Charles Dickens was still alive, him too--- all share a birthday with me.

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