Friday, February 1, 2008


Here are quick predictions of the upcoming Superbowl so we have them down in print. We caught Dogg at a bad time but he still had time to get something down. Early next week, we have a "Voices from a Stranger" piece coming out with a complete breakdown of the first round of the NFL draft. It's never early enough to get out a mock draft!

Who wins the Superbowl?

Q- The Patriots are going to win in a route. I just can't believe all of the people out there who are trying to convince themselves (and others) that the G-Men have a chance. I know New York has made a nice little run, but this is still the same team that the Vikes absolutely killed. I'm supposed to believe that they're going to hang with the greatest team of all time? Really? I see something along the lines 45-20.

Fuzz- I’m with Q. I see the Patriots bringing out all the stops and piss pounding the Giants. I hope not because I have a bottle of Crown on the game with my pops, where I have the Giants (he got to pick first). In that warm weather, I see them scoring a ton of points and completing the 19-0 season. How funny was that “OK” by Brady when responding to Plaxico’s prediction? That was awesome. I see it being 35-14.

Dogg: New England wins

Who's the MVP?

Dogg: Tom Brady in a hose job decision.

Fuzz: Brady is too easy of a pick, so I’m going with Randy Moss. How funny would that be? They’ll put him on the mic after the game where a gazillion people will be watching and he’s going to say something legendary. I can’t say what exactly but it’s going to be a hot/funny topic on Monday morning. Then he retires.

Q- They'll give it to Brady just because the people who vote on these kinds of things love to sniff his jock. He'll throw for a couple of early touchdowns and that will be enough to get him the award and the debate between him and Montana will be on every talking head sports show on Monday. But the real MVP of the game will be Laurence Maroney. After the Pats get up by 14-20 points early, he's going to pound the ball and help them control the clock and run out the game.

Who has a better game Burress or Moss? Predict stats too please...

Dogg:’s the flippin SB and we all know being from MN how this guy plays in the spotlight. (Moss: 8 rec. 177 yds. 3 TD) (Burress: 9 rec. 124 yds.)

Q- Burress will have more catches and yards, but Moss will be the one with the touchdown(s) and the big highlights. I got Plax going 12 for 135 with no scores. Moss will get 5 for 85 and 2 TD's (at least one of which will be over 40 yards).

Fuzz: Since I picked Straight Cash Homey for the MVP, Moss will have the better game. Burress will go about 8 for 104 with a TD. Moss will go 5 for 195 and three TD’s. Moss has been waiting his whole career to get on the big stage and he’s not going to disappoint.

What will Bill Belichick be wearing?

Fuzz: Flip-flops, jogging sweats, a wife beater & bright orange water wings. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if he comes out of the tunnel with this. He hasn’t moved past his kindergarten wardrobe and nothing would surprise me at this point.

Q- I think he goes high class and goes with the short-sleeve polo that doesn't quite fit. It's the biggest stage in sports and he'll want to look good. Of course if that rain that has been on and off in AZ for the last few days shows up again, then it will be a guaranteed cut-off hoodie.

Dogg: I think he’ll be wearing Khakis and a polo. He’ll change it up just to be different. The guy is the mystery man…and a huge d bag.

How many times will Tom Brady's name be mentioned during the duration of the game?

Q- Wow, do numbers go that high? Who's going to keep track of this? Do the pregame, halftime, and/or post game shows count? I'm going to assume that they don't and I'll go with 113 1/2, though that's probably way too low.

Fuzz: Five hundred thousand. Over/Under on paparazzi videos and pictures showed when play has stopped is 27.

Dogg: Him himself (145), his ankle (121), and Gisele (27).

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