Sunday, February 3, 2008

We Know Nothing

What kind of drug-induced illusion made us think that we had any sort of authority to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl? Who knows. There are few things to touch on from tonight's game, however.

I'm at a loss for words on just how improbable the result of this game is to me. And what a strange game it was. Two quick scores on the first two possessions of the game and then nothing until the 4th quarter? Weird. Brady leading his team to a go ahead touchdown late in the game and not having it be the game-winning score? Unreal. The 18-0 Patriots losing to the New York Football Giants on a last second touchdown? Borderline unbelieveable.

You do realize that since the Vikings destroyed the Giants and the G-Men beat New England to win it all, that if the Vikes hadn't blown their chances and gotten into the playoffs that...naw, I won't go there.

Want to know just how bad our picks were? Well, all 3 of us had the Pats (Fuzz and I in blowouts) along with Tom Brady as MVP. Wrong and wrong. None of us thought Bellichick would rock the red cutoff hoodie. And the receiving predictions? Not even close. Wes Welker caught 11 balls to tie a Super Bowl record. Most of the stats we were throwing out for Plax and Moss would have been top 5, if not record breaking, performances all time in the big game. Our bad.

By the way, Plaxico Burress predicted that the Giants would win 23-17. What was that final score again? Not bad. Maybe he should write for TK.

While I'm sure that Eli Manning being the Super Bowl MVP is a sign of the apocalypse, the fact remains that ELI MANNING IS THE MVP OF THE SUPER BOWL. He is now second worst athlete ever to win an MVP award, behind David Eckstein of the St. Louis Cardinals a couple years back. Despite all of this, the fact that he was able to lead his team to the Lombardi Trophy makes me wonder just how good of a quarterback you need to win it all. Maybe, just maybe, you can make a playoff run with a guy like this...

Well, that's it for now. Mock draft coming on Monday, be ready.

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Pup Money said...

"I'll never win a Super Bowl in Minnesota" - Randy Moss

Whats he going to say now? Obviously he can't win a Super Bowl in New England. Poor guy can't get a break. Think he'll re-sign with New England? What are the odds of Moss going back to Minnesota, ha, what a story that would be.