Thursday, May 1, 2008

Picture of the Day

Lenghty picture of the day comments here and "Voices from a Stranger" Kentucky Derby preview tomorrow. I've seen a glimpse of it and it looks real good.

Dogg: You usually want to get a glove on the ball at the very minimum when diving for a ball in the outfield. I’m not about to get on Carlos Gomez though like every other critic out there. He’s in his rookie season and is still a kid so can we please let him develop? He’s hitting .260 something right now and that is good for a rookie hitting leadoff and playing an above average CF. He’s got 11 SB’s and will probably end up with close to 50 swipes. The only problem I have is that he only has 2 walks compared to 26 K’s I believe which is brutal for a leadoff hitter but the guy is supposed to have some flaws in his game. If they bump him down to Triple-A at any time this season I will be very disappointed and think the organization would be making a huge mistake. If he was hitting under .200 and didn’t look like he had any confidence at the plate then maybe. But he is still strutting around the field like his shit don’t stink which tells me that he is very confident. Let him take his bumps and bruises in the bigs. Before we know it, he’ll be the starting CF in the all-star game. Mark it down “Gomez will start in the all-star game by 2010”.

Q: Has there been a more frustratring player in recent Twins history than Carlos Gomez? He looked spectacular during the first few games of the year. Then couldn't do anything right, in the field or at the plate, for a long enough stretch that there were calls for his demotion to AAA. So Gardy benches him for one game, and ever since he's been absolutely on fire (a bunch of multi-hit games and even a couple outifled assissts). I definitely don't want to send him down because of this potential that we are seeing right now. He'll be A-B all year, but hopefully this experience will pay off down the road when we get back to contention in the next couple years.

Fuzz: Gomez is a character. He probably had no right diving for this ball but did anyway. He also stole third yesterday when no sign was given. Gardy was pissed off in the papers this morning. But, he said that you can’t bottle this kid up, you have to let him just go. I love him, by the way. Anyways, the Twins are ‘hanging around’ after month number one. Detroit and Cleveland are coming on but don’t look dominant as everyone said they were going to be. The Twins and Cleveland are 6-4 in their last 10 games and Detroit is 7-3. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t see this coming. Even if it is only the first month, and if the Twins can hang in there, they just might have a shot. Might being the key word. You know, maybe a high 80’s or low 90’s win total takes this division. If that’s the case, the Twins could be in the race in September, which would be a nice surprise. I thought at the beginning of the season that they looked like a .500 ball club and they still look like that. However, I saw Detroit and Cleveland being a ton better. If those two teams fall down from that prediction and the Twins steal a few games late in the season, we might just shock everyone this fall!!! See what happens when the sun shines for a few days? Good Ole’ optimism comes creeping back out...

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