Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picture of the Day

Q: What's the most uncomfortable thing about this picture: a) Sammy C's face, b) the trainer's face, c) the placement of the trainer's hand, or d) the fact that you keep staring at a picture of one man "stretching" another man in what seems to be an inappropriate manner?

Dogg: I know you can get “rub and tugs” in Vegas for about $150 but I didn’t know NBA trainers gave them out during games free of charge.

Fuzz: One of the funnier pictures I've seen in a long time. The trainers expression is priceless. The word on the street is that Sammy C is from the Dirk Diggler ilk so I'm sure the shit grin on his face is because he can't wait to tell his other little fruity trainer guys about this. This picture kills me.

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