Monday, May 5, 2008

Quirky Living

Fellas, and to the few women that read this blog, this post is a little out of left field, so I need to explain a little before I go on. My cousin’s wife (I call her my cousin because it’s easier) also has her own blog but blogs mainly on her family. It’s a regular stop for me personally because it’s family and it’s fun looking at pictures of their kids and seeing what the Lewis family is up to. Saying that, she got involved in this little blog tagging deal where you are “required” to write six quirky things about yourself on your blog. Her friend wrote a list of quirky things and tagged her blog to do it, so she wrote hers, and then tagged this blog to do the same. Extremely girly, I know. This is what the tag line said:

I'm tagging Fuzz from TK on Toast. Even though his blog is a sports blog, I know he has some fun quirks and the boys over at TK like to add personal posts every now and again.

I think she’s talking about Cougar City with the personal post comment, which we will bring back very soon--I promise. Anyways, she’s family so I have to do this no matter how girly this is coming off. However, I thought I’d change it a little to tailor to the audience. Instead of writing just about myself, I’m going to write six quirky things about our house. If you didn’t know, the three of us clowns live together. This will give you a little better feeling of who we are and maybe understand our writing more with a few of these quirks. So as the title says, here are six “Quirky Living” things that happen at the TKOT house.

1) Dogg walks around naked. That’s a good start, right? For those that know him, this isn’t a shocker. He’s been doing it forever. He’s the Mike Redmond of the TKOT house. Probably a good time to mention that he’s the only guy with a girlfriend. The whole walking around stark naked hasn’t been as frequent as it once was, but he still catches you off guard every now and again.

For example: I was on the computer (I was sitting down, which is a big factor in this story) and I was talking to a friend about weekend plans or something. I was completely distracted from playing around on the computer and talking on the phone at the same time that I didn’t hear Dogg walk up. Bad move. Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone’s silhouette so I glance over and there is Dogg butt ass naked standing three feet from me. Three feet! With his “business” at eye level. I think I dropped the phone and washed my eyes out with gasoline for the next hour. It’s never a good day when you see another man’s twig & berries at a close range. Never.

2) The three of us sit in the exact same spots in the living room. Q on the big sofa. Dogg on the love seat and I’m on the sofa chair. This is not once in a while--this is every time. It’s like the teacher put us in a seating chart and hasn’t changed it yet. In this same living room is where we obviously watch TV. We have a few shows that we have to watch together and we stay pretty loyal to this. No matter the schedules, we need to watch them together. This is where Tivo is a godsend.

3) Q has Narcolepsy. Ok, he doesn’t really, but he “conks” as we call it, on cue. You’ll be in the middle of an active conversation and then leave for a minute and come back and he’s out. Dogg & I will continue the conversation and 15 minutes later he’ll jump in with a comment like he’s awakening from the dead. He acts like nothing happened. I’m used to it now but it freaked the shit out of me the first couple times. I didn’t know what to do when he’s talking to me one second and the next second his eyes are shut and I’m talking to a dude in a coma. To his defense, Q gets up waaaay earlier than we do.

4) I pay too much for a haircut. I’ll admit this. Q always asks me how my salon day and Mani’s & Pedi’s went when I walk in from a haircut. To set the record straight, this is completely false. No Mani’s and Pedi’s for this fella, but the blond locks do get some extra care and I’m not apologizing for this. I’m just not.

5) For most of the winter, Dogg sleeps on the floor in the upstairs living room. His room is downstairs. I think it has to do that it’s like a meat locker downstairs during the winter months, but we have a ton of extra blankets. Doesn’t matter. He sleeps on the living room floor like a bum on the street. I don’t think this is normal.

6) A few random stuff: The three of us have never gone out to eat together or made the same dinner for the three of us but we’ve gone out for drinks together plenty of times...Dogg makes up his own nicknames and tries to make them stick. They don’t...I’m obsessed with my laptop. I’m always on it and it’s a little sickening...Q & Dogg love convenience store runs...I run with a bandana on (it’s the Crips colors. You wanted to know this)...In the summer, we make a Dairy Queen run once a week...At least once a week I drive down the street only to turn around and make sure I shut the garage door…we all workout pretty regularly but never together...I’m a weak beer drinker (Q & Dogg are not), Dogg is a weak whiskey drinker (Q & I are not) and Q doesn’t take Goldschlager shots (Dogg & I do)…I have to eat breakfast...Dogg’s a nightowl...Q will try any new drink...and finally, we watch a lot of sports (this isn’t a quirk, but we do watch a lot. Hence the sports blog).

Alright, that’s it. I don’t know a ton of people that blog, but my cousin Nick has a personal website/blog and told me he reads TKOT once in a while. So, if you’re out there Nick, I guess this is my tag to you and the end of my “requirement.” Kidding, it was actually kind of fun...


Dogg said...

That blog entry was classic. For those of you who might not believe any of those things listed about our house, I'll vow for every single one of them. That is the best assessment I've seen of a house in my life. GREAT!

John Amaechi said...

You want to know how I know you guys are gay...

Charity said...

Fuzz - Thank you for stepping up to my "girly" challenge. It was fun to learn a little bit about the boys of TKOT.

Dogg said...

Charity - please don't tell Rob about my clothes situation. He might look down on me the next time I see him.