Monday, May 12, 2008


I would click on the picture for a better version. It's a must.

Dogg: That photo is absolutely ridiculous. I know it was passed around last year but WOW! Is she single? I sure hope not. What would this girl look like on the beach? Seriously, how many awkward chubby’s has Natalie caused throughout her years? This might go down as the greatest POD in history…On a side note, do women golfers ever date men golfers? It seems that they should but don’t often.

Q: What? What's the big deal with this picture? It's just a girl stretching out to play some golf. I really don't unders...oh, wait a minute. Oh I get it now. There are plenty of comments to go with this picture, but this is a family website, so I'll just leave it at "Wow".

Fuzz: 41 days. Does anyone else have one of those Christmas type calendars where you pull off each day as they go by until the U.S. Women’s Open at Interlachen in Edina? I do. If you don’t, start doing that right now. We’re 41 days away until this “beautiful baby” graces the fairways of Interlachen. You need to get there. Clear your schedules right now for the last week in June. Seriously.

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