Monday, May 19, 2008

Picture of the Day

Dogg: Garnett just laid a load on Paul’s grill.

Q: There's a lot of inappropriate things that could be said about this picture. The bottom line is that the Celtics may not be as good as everyone thought they were. It took an improbable game from THe Truth to get them to the conference finals. Their opponent, the Pistons, are one of the few teams that have proven they can win on the road, plus they're rested for the series. I got Detroit in 6.

Fuzz: I agree with Q in that the Celtics aren't as good as we thought. It's strange because they won 66 games but seem to be just hanging on in the playoffs. Why? Maybe it's because Ray Allen still hasn't showed up. Or they aren't even coming close to a road victory yet. I think they'll need to win at Detroit in order to win the series because I don't see the Pistons losing every road game. They are too much of a veteran team to do so. Buuuutttt, I still like the Celtics taking the series. I think a lot of people will be on the Pistons bandwagon, but I'm taking the Celtics in 7.


Dogg said...

Weren't all 3 of us worried about Detroit in round 1 against the Sixers? The Celtics are in the Eastern Conference finals where they should be and it is once again a new series. Maybe they sweep Detroit?

Mr. Cue said...

The difference is that when you're a good team and you survive a scare, like the Pistons did against Philly, you come out the next series and dominate. Like the Detroit did against Orlando. You don't go 7 against a 37 win team and then follow it up with a 7 game series against a one-man team when that one man didn't play well in the majority of the contests.

Oh, and Ray Allen sucks. Red tag him.

Dogg said...

Yeah, the Cavs only went to the NBA finals last year but they are a horrible team. The Cavs have been there and would much rather take on Orlando than a Lebron-led Cleveland team any day of the week. ATL also got much better with the Bibby trade so their win total didn't represent who they really were come playoff time. Boston is still a very good team and haven't lost at home in the playoffs yet.

Mr. Cue said...

No one said the Cavs were horrible. They are a one man team and their stud didn't play well for a majority of the series. If you are supposed to be a dominant team, like everyone says the Celtics are, then you should crush your opponent in that situation.

I don't understand your second sentence, so I can respond to any more of this rant.

Dogg said...

I was saying that myself and any team would rather face Orlando than a Lebron-led Cavs team in the playoffs. So basically I was saying that Detroit had an easier matchup in round 2 than Boston. I also believe that Atlanta is a better team than Philly. Detroit would've gone 6 or 7 with Atlanta for sure if they faced them. We'll see what happens but Boston is in the Eastern Conference finals for christ sake.