Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10 Reasons I love this trade.

T-Wolves send Mark Blount & Ricky Davis to the Heat for Antoine Walker, Michael Doleac, Wayne Simien and a future #1 pick.

10) We get the fattest player in the league. Regardless of what it is, you always need to be the best at a certain category in the NBA. All the good teams are the best at something. This trade satisfied this requirement.

9) The fro is gone. With Randy Moss, Kelly Campbell and now Ricky Davis leaving the city, no more 1975 Afro’s roaming the area anymore. This is a good thing.

8) I saved my wall from another year of torture. Torture of me throwing pens, ice cubes, paper clips, coasters and whatever is in sight when I see Mark Blount about 17 feet from the basket missing another easy rebound.

7) Mark Madsen gets a friend.

6) Wayne Simien puts us to about 9 undersized power forwards on the roster. Never can have enough of these types. Hustle guys. We love them here.

5) It’s not that funny, but it’s kind of funny. I can’t imagine how pissed Juwan Howard is right now. He might just retire and say the hell with it. But if he doesn’t get traded by the trading deadline or sooner he’s officially on suicide watch.

4) If Walker stays around we get to see one of those “shimmy shakes” he does after he makes his first three- pointer in 14 attempts. That will look good in white & forest green.

3) Kevin McHale got a draft pick in the deal and it wasn’t our own back. Alleluia!

2) About 27 points a game leaves our team and assuming Walker doesn’t even suit up, we got no point production in return… and I love it! Addition by subtraction is the cliché I believe.

1) We get rid of Ricky “Avis.” We’re keeping the D though Rick. It’s ours.

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