Monday, October 22, 2007

I feel like Bill Murray

Watching these games is like the movie Groundhog Day. As a Viking fan this year, I’ve seen this type of performance over and over and over and over. We’re 2-4 and all four losses have seemed the exact same. I feel like I do the same thing on these loss game days. I sit in my lounger, applaud AP and cuss out Tarvaris Jackson. It’s the same routine. Good defense, good running game, and horrendous quarterback play. Every loss leaves you thinking: “How’d we lose that game again?” Then you remember that it’s going to get better because at least we have one of the better quarterbacks to come out of the 235 D1 college programs from the last couple years. What? Oh yeah, he couldn’t even crack ONE roster out of the 235. Awesome. He had to go to minor leagues of college football and still couldn’t crack the first team all conference. Why is he our starting quarterback on our NFL team again? It’s like we purposely gave ourselves a disadvantage just to make it more interesting. Hey, you know what? We have a top 10 defense, a solid line and we just drafted a superstar at running back. Let’s go with the guy that looks more confused then an old guy wandering around a brand new Walmart. I’m confused on the whole situation. I’m not confused that he stinks. He does.

I know, I know. You have to give young quarterbacks time to develop and all that other football mumbo jumbo but I don’t care. He stinks and he’s showing no signs of being an adequate NFL quarterback. You would think after nine games (the number of games he’s started) you would see some professional football skills. You would think! I can literally think of only one throw in nine games that I said: “You know what, that was a good NFL quarterback throw.” That was last week on his 60 yarder to Troy “Hot hands” Williamson. Besides that, nothing stands out about this guy. He has to start though, because behind him on the depth chart is Kelly “Who” Holcomb and Brooks “I can’t believe I’m getting a paycheck signed by the NFL” Bollinger. You have to start T-Jack; there are no other options.

The defense again was solid. They had one TD and almost a second one if it wasn’t for three or four of our guys having blatant penalties on the return. The one they called was an open field tackle by our guy Ray Edwards. Hilarious if you saw it. You also had to chuckle seeing big ole Kevin Williams huffing his way to the end zone, then getting oxygen on the sideline while missing like four series’ after that play. Apparently, running 90 yards is a tough task for a professional athlete. The defense gave up more yards then they are used to giving up, but they only gave up 17 points. That keeps you in the game. 17 points is beatable. The other touchdown to get them to 24 was scored on a blocked FG, which I’m refusing to talk about. Let’s just move on.

I’m moving on to just ending this entry. I could breakdown more of the game, but why? The poor quarterback play trumps over everything else. You could say, we need to be better in this area and that area, but it needs to all start with T-Jack. It’s simple. He plays poorly, we lose. He plays alright, we win. Unfortunately, he’s only played two alright games out of six leading to two victories and four losses. I just hope next week when I’m watching the Purple in my lounger that I’m watching a different movie…

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