Monday, October 15, 2007

Adrian Peterson is good

Q: Now that was a fun game. You know who's really good at football? Adrian Peterson. Talk about stepping your game up. What a stud. He goes for 224 yards and 3 touchdown on just 20 carries (over an 11 yard average) against what is widely considered one of the best defenses in the NFL. He gashed the Bears for touchdown runs of 67, 73, and 35 yards. The kid could do whatever he wanted today. Oh, and he had a 53 yard kickoff return at to set up the game winning field goal. Is there anything he can't do? Can he be included in a conversation about the best running backs in the NFL after just 5 games? Who's better than him?

Fuzz: My man crush for Adrian “all day” Peterson moved into dangerous territory today. I’m a little nervous. Can he be considered one of the top backs you ask? He is! Unless Derrick Ward runs for 199 yards tomorrow night on Monday night football, Adrian Peterson is your leading rusher in all of football. I know I might be getting ahead of myself, but let’s pass over the rookie of the year talk (which is a lead pipe lock), how about MVP talk if we make playoffs? You really have to watch this team every week to realize the shocking lack of talent on the offensive side. It’s truly embarrassing. Adrian Peterson isn’t part of our offense… he IS our offense.

Q: Wow, a big win on the road and you're talking playoffs? You do have Peterson on the brain; are you going to get the road white #28 jersey or the home purple? This was a giant win, make no mistake about that. 2-3 on the year (and we should have beaten both Detroit and Green Bay) is decent, but we're still in a very difficult part of our schedule. We're at Dallas next week, then follow it up with home games against Philly and San Diego and travel to Green Bay. If we find a way to go 2-2 it will be a minor miracle (maybe Jon Kitna can help us out with that) and THEN we can start looking at playoffs. What I'm worried about is that we tried to blow that game today in the fourth quarter. Everyone is going to be talking about AD and Longwell's game winner, but don't forget that our D got abused for two touchdowns to get Chicago back in the game. Should I be as worried as I am?

Fuzz: Ok, Ok, Ok. I’m a little pumped up right now and I was getting ahead of myself. I had no idea that was our next four games. Anyways, thanks for putting me back in my place and letting me enjoy this W for 34 seconds. You’re a true friend. Our defense was absolutely horrible today. Over 450 yards giving up to an average offense. We made Griese look like Johhny U today. This is a concern. Our running defense has been very good all year, but our passing defense has been downright brutal. We seem to give up gobs of yards every game. It’s a little surprising because we have some names in the secondary. Maybe that’s it, maybe they are just names. Thank God we won though. If we lose that game, so many things happen in my opinion. Starting with our head coach. I know the owners are backing Childress but a loss like that with that lead would have put some doubt into everyone if it’s not there already...

Q: He should still be done in my mind. The team just doesn't seem any different than they did under Mike Tice. The offense is terrible, Chilly's choice at QB is marginal at best, and he just seems like a guy who won't change his ways no matter how many games we lose. Don't get me wrong, I'm super pumped about the win, but we shouldn't let a W cloud over the awful job he's done in about a year and a half. Ok, enough negativity; let's talk about BC's boy, T Jack. Is it just me or did he look better than he's ever been? He managed the game ok, didn't make any major mistakes and even completed a few big time passes (both in yards and in pressure situations). Is he starting to come around a little bit here?

Fuzz: T-Jack’s box score line isn’t anything to applaud. 9/23 for 136 and a TD. No turnovers. Saying this, I would agree with you. I bet our “awesome” wide receivers dropped between 5-7 balls. Most of the throws I thought we good enough to be caught too. It might be time for another week of the “jugs” machine for the boys. I still thought this was his best game to date as a Pro. It’s not saying much, but we needed to see some improvement. We always hear about this cannon of an arm he has, so seeing him connect for the 60 yard TD to Williamson was awesome to see. It was a nice day for T-Jack. You could see that he has some skill. You know who else has skill? Adrian Peterson. Did we talk about him yet? Kidding. What did you think of that 55-yard game winner? If we miss that, knowing Minnesota sports, I don’t think we win.

Q: First of all, I didn't think there was any chance that he was going to hit it in the first place. 55 yards is a long field goal and you never know when the famous Chicago wind will pick up. Plus, his previous career long was something like 50 yards. But he proved me wrong and drilled it (well, it scraped the back end of the cross bar, so maybe "drilled" isn't the right word) to save us from blowing a big lead late in the game. I'm with you Fuzz, if he misses that I don't think there's any way we take care of business in overtime. In fact, we'd probably have to kick off first and Hester would have taken it to the house...again. How ridiculous is he? The guy is unstoppable. He even scored on offense today (that's embarrassing for us). Why would anyone ever kick to him? Is he the best return man ever?

Fuzz: Ever? He could be. I was actually having this same conversation earlier in the day when the game was going on with my cousin Mike. We were talking about that he has to sustain this amazing run. Remember when Dante Hall a couple years ago had like four returns in four games? Everyone was saying the same stuff about him too. Now, I couldn’t even tell you what team he plays for. Saying this, Hester does have eight special team touchdowns in about a year and half and Hall has 12 total on his career. So, he can be the best ever, he just needs to do it for long stretch. We kicked to him most of the day and he burned us once. It didn’t kill us in the end, because we won. But, I don’t know if I’d kick to him ever again. It’s not worth it. We should start wrapping this thing up. The main point I want to say is that I don’t think we have played a more enjoyable game in about three years then we did today. Even though it was nerve racking at the end, it was still a great football game to watch. A big road win and now we need another one against the Cowboys next week. You have any final thoughts Q?

Q: I agree that this game was one of the most enjoyable to watch in a long time, and that's all thanks to AD. I hold my breath every time he touches the ball because of the possibility of something special happening. Obviously the "prevent the win" defense was a point of concern and a bit of a buzzkill, but the D did have 5 turnovers, so that was good. T Jack looked ok, and we need to keep reminding ourselves that he's young and still very raw right now. Overall, I think the biggest part of this game is going to be sitting at work tomorrow and not having to complain about how bad the game was or listen to the Packer fans gloating (though the latter will still probably happen). I just hope everyone isn't too disappointed next week when AD only runs for 150, instead of the 225 he did today.

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