Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Are there any true basketball fans out there that don't hate the San Antonio Spurs and the Duke Blue Devils?

I am watching the Spurs right now and they are already getting calls and it's the first damn game of the year. Tim Duncan has already cried more times in this game than I did before I was 5 years old. Whoever says this guy is a true professional obviously hasn't watched him play in an NBA game yet. The refs should shit on him every time he makes that ridiculous 4 year old face he makes after he gets called for a foul after mugging a guy under the basket.

Then you have Coach d-bag or I mean Coach K who looks like he's going to murder the refs if there is a call that goes against his beloved Blue Devils. I'm so sick of this program that I might buy the college basketball package so I can root against them every game for the rest of my life. Their fans cheer shit that you should chant at a rock concert. Get a basketball cheer and then fill that rat infested area you call a gym.

Just saw Manu Ginobli talking himself into 3 more calls for the next regular season game while the final buzzer went off in game 1 of the NBA season. Shit like this is why I can't stand watching these two teams win basketball games. Save us the time, go suck the stripes off the refs shirts and we'll give you the championship rings before the season starts....Steve Nash, please rescue us and let us see somebody besides the Spurs win the NBA title.

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