Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Under Review: Week 7

Five NFL blazing questions...

There seems to be a difference between New England’s undefeated season compared to Indianapolis’s undefeated season. Am I right? Or not? Why?

Q- There definitely is, and I love what Indy is doing right now. They've seen all of the stories and hype that the Patriots have been getting about going undefeated and having the highest scoring offense of all time. And they're letting the press cover and promote New England and have found a way to be one of those "laying in the weeds" type of teams--at 6-0. They are having the first underrated, undefeated season in NFL history. See, they've been in New England's position before. High scoring offense, record breaking QB, media darlings. It was way back in Aught 4. You know what that team got them? Nothing. So they are doing the smart thing and not running up the score, not getting noticed. It's brilliant and Tony Dungy should be getting way more credit for this than he is.

Fuzz- New England is getting a lot of pub right now. A lot. You can’t get through the day without hearing or having a conversation if the Patriots can run the table. It’s a very hot water cooler topic. You’re right though, Indy hasn’t been mentioned in the same breath as New England this year. They are just the “other” undefeated team. It’s a little surprising, since they currently hold the Lombardi trophy and haven’t lost this year. Yet, they are second in every single power ranking out there. Yes, New England is scoring almost 40 points a game and gains over 430 yards a game, but still…come on! Give the fellas from the Midwest some respect…

Dogg- New England is destroying teams and doing it in a more impressive fashion. Now that they have Randy, he’ll make the highlight reel every week where Indy is a more ball control team that will take what the defense gives them. Both are very impressive teams but New England is putting up more points and in a more highlight reel fashion which the fans and analysts look for. Indy will go undefeated this year.

Stick a fork in San Fran? Cincy? Philly? Arizona? Or are some if not all of these pre-season dollies still alive?

Fuzz- Stick the biggest hay-bailing pitchfork you can find into San Fran, Cincy and Philly. They are done, done and done! See you ladies next year. The only team I’m not giving up on is the Arizona Cardinals. Neil Rack “em up” had the distance but missed a FG wide left this past weekend that would have put Arizona tops of their division. They still only sit one game back of an oveeerrrated Seattle team and have beaten them once already. That division is so bad that they still have some hope. If Warner can attach his arm like a Transformer, they have a fighting chance. They have the tools on offense and are still learning a new coaching staff’s playbook. With that division, they’ll hang all year.

Dogg- Cincy will have a tough time because their division is very tough. SF and Zona can easily still win their division so I wouldn’t count them out at all. Philly looks like they don’t have enough offensive firepower to win games. Their D is solid but Westbrook is the only viable option they have on offense.

I wouldn’t count anybody out for sure yet because there is a lot of time left in the season. It will be more difficult for Cincy but they do have a great offense and if you score a lot of points, you can win games. Marvin Lewis has to get that defense to at least be respectful before season’s end otherwise he should be gone.

Q- They're all done. The 49'ers offense can best be described as "putrid", while their defense falls under the category of "over-hyped". Speaking of which, Frank Gore sucks. Then there's the Bengals, who couldn't stop my 7th grade football team on defense and have lost to Cleveland and Kansas City. The Eagles? If they would have beaten the Bears on Sunday, I might give them a glimmer of hope. But now, with that team, in that division? No chance. Lastly, there's the Cardinals, who have a one-armed quarterback that has no idea who he is throwing to and backups that were on the street a week ago. I can't say I like their chances either.

We haven’t talked much about the New York Football Giants. Five game win streak right now. What do you think of them? What is their chance long term this year?

Dogg- Well, it looks like the NY Giants are not missing Tiki Barber at all which I love seeing. I haven't disliked an NFL player more than this chump. It looks like he might've been the team chemistry problem all last year and the years before. He's blaming Eli for not being a leader but he's obviously doing a great job this year. He's involving Shockey and Plex perfectly. Those are tough guys to please and both have kept their mouths shut thus far, which I give a lot credit to Eli for. Their defensive line is fierce and I believe we'll see them come postseason time. I'm happy to see Tom Coughlin winning again.

Q- I just can't figure this team out. They looked horrendous at the start of the year, and now they are unstoppable. Plax is playing like a man looking for a contract, Elisha somehow figured out how to play the quarterback position, and they're getting meaningful production from something called Derrick Ward. Add to that a D line that gets 15 sacks a game and they are dominant. I still like the Redskins long term in that division, but the Giants should still get a wild card spot.

Fuzz- I’m with Q on this one. I’m confused as ever. I thought Tom Coughlin was fired for sure after the first two weeks. The New York media was jumping down his throat non-stop and I thought he had no chance of making it through the season. Now? They look like the second best team in the NFC. It’s ridiculous.

I’m currently holding Brad Childress’s arms behind him so this is your chance to get a few free shots in. What do you think of the platoon running back system he’s pulling?

Fuzz- Let him go, I’ll fight him straight up. I’m not scared. Anyways, I’m not against the platoon…if it’s less carries for Chester. Some people want to run AP in the ground, which might be alright, but I like the mix-up. It’s an even split right now which is stupid. I would like to see a 75/25 split. Taylor gained 1200 yards last year so he’s a good back. If you need to find creative ways to get them both on the field at the same time, then do it. Just find a way.

Q- Hate--to dislike intensely or passionately; to feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest. Yeah, that should just about sum up my feelings about Chilly and his kick @** offense.

Dogg- Like Bill Parcells and Mike Ditka said on ESPN last night, "Brad Childress is crazy"!

Off under review topic. Who is your favorite NFL player? Yes, this is something you’d see on a worksheet when you’re kindergarten, but I don’t care. Who’s #1 in your books and why?

Q- Wow, great question. The man-crush here at Super Bowl Homeboy for AD is heading towards illegal levels, so I'm going with Randy Moss.

He's a freak of an athlete/wide receiver and possibly the cockiest player around (at least that can back it up). He makes catches that no one else would even attempt to haul in (see: Sunday, last). He's the man.

Dogg- Ray Lewis is my favorite NFL player.

The guy is insane before games yelling at every player to get jacked up and "who let the dog out" chants. How can you not like a guy like this? Not to mention the best SB introduction of all-time. That dance will not be forgotten by anybody who viewed the game. One of the best MLB's that I'll ever see.

Fuzz- All Day Peterson is one spin move-juke type 30 yard outburst from claiming the top spot for me. So yes, it is reaching a dangerous level right now. I can’t put him number one though. My favorite player has to be Chad Johnson.

Though probably one of the cockiest players in the league, he does it in a way that everyone loves him for it. You can’t say you didn’t love the cornerback checklist in his locker? That was awesome. He really understands the entertainment side of the professional sports. People are paying money to be entertained and he’s the King in the NFL at entertaining fans.

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