Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Under Review: Week 6

More NFL Questions. Word.

Let’s stay home with the first one fellas. Can you put Adrian Peterson in talks as the best running back in the league this year? Not #1 per say, but in conversation as one of the best backs (if not the best) in football this year. Remember it’s only week 7. Also, where do you see him finishing stats wise? Dickerson had 1,800 his rookie year, is that attainable?

Dogg- I've never seen a rookie RB as good as AP. With a below average offense you have to think that teams are concentrating on the run much more than the pass which makes it even more impressive to me. Imagine a guy like this in New England or Indy. It would even be more insane. He just made the Bears defense look foolish and granted they haven't been as good as we're used to but come on. This guy might go Eric Dickerson if not better in his first NFL campaign.

Q- He can be in the conversation. The kid leads the league in yards and has yet to get over 25 carries in a game. If Sunday's game against the Bears was a fluke, then I'd say let's hold off for now. But he's been dominant like this ever since that ridiculous run in the preseason where he spun, ran for 60+ yards, and finished it by bowling over the safety. He's legit and will continue to be so barring a major injury. As for the 1,800 that Dickerson put up, I don't think AD gets to that mark. Not through any fault of his own, but because Chilly won't let it happen. You'll still continue to see the occasional game when Peterson gets only 12 carries because we're scared of over-working him.

Fuzz- I think you have to put him in talks already. Even though banged up, the Bears have one of the better defenses in football. He had 224 easy yards against this good defense on there turf. I say easy, because he made it look easy. It looked like he was playing a backyard football game with his old high school buddies. He’s leading the league with 607 yards and he’s splitting carries. I’ll repeat that. He’s SPLITTING CARRIES! It’s absolutely awesome and the fans in Minnesota finally have a star to get behind. 1,800 yards is absurd for any running back in any year, so I’ll put him at 1,650 with 12 TD’s. Not Dickerson like, but one heck of a rookie year…

This is getting a little ridiculous over in New England. Are they going to lose? If so, too what team?

Dogg- I don’t even know what their schedule looks like but I believe Indy is over the hump with the New England jinx. Indy beats them at home in week 9 for sure and see them probably losing one more besides that one. 14-2 is my prediction. Indy goes 16-0.

Q- What the heck, let's go bold. I have them losing at Baltimore Week 13. There's not a lot of reasoning behind this either. I just looked at their schedule, assumed they weren't losing at home, and took a guess. There will be one game where they are off and that's my pick for it.

Fuzz- Wow Dogg. You called for an NFL team to go undefeated this year and it’s not the Patriots? That is a call ladies & gentleman. A team hasn’t gone undefeated in like 40 years, yet the Colts will do it this year. Wow. The Patriots are going to lose at some point. I know they are on fire beyond belief right now, but the odds are stacked against them. They looked like they toyed with Dallas, but I see them losing. I call losing at Indy in Week 9 in the most anticipated game in the history of the NFL.

Simple question: Which head coach deserves to be fired right now? More then one? None?

Q- Scott Linehan. Easy. He's turned The Greatest Show On Turf into an offense that averages 100 yards and 10 points per game. It's not entirely his fault, I know they've had injuries to key guys like Bulger and Jackson, but this is terrible and someone has to take the fall. Oh, and we can fire Childress anytime now.

Fuzz- It’s always a difficult decision to fire your head coach mid-season since the other coach or an interim coach would almost have to start over with the players. Saying this, Q & I are on the same page with the Scott Linehan firing. I’m also going to add Marvin Lewis to the mix. Both deserve to be either fired or a couple weeks away from getting canned. They have one win between them and both teams have enough talent to at least be .500. No excuse for these collapses.

Dogg- I am a firm believer that you give a head coach at the very minimum one year to right the ship. I know fans are calling for their coach’s heads at this point in the year but you might have to look at the players on the field as well. Give these guys a fair shot. After all, they did get hired and most of you fans were probably jacked up on that very day before the season began.

Commissioner Goodell said this week that the Superbowl could be held in London one day. An American sports championship overseas. What are your thoughts on this?

Wembley Stadium in London

Dogg- I didn't hear that comment but I think that is the dumbest comment I've heard in 25 years. Yes, I'm 25 years old so definitely the dumbest comment I've heard in my life.

Fuzz- I’m with my boy Dogg here. I have no idea why this is even an option. The NFL will hardly ever go to a cold weather state for the Superbowl, unless they have a dome, but even that is sparse. These markets get screwed because they don’t even have a chance at getting the most significant sporting event in America to their city. You know how much money is brought into a city during this week? It’s insane. Yet, the commish has the marbles to suggest that they want to put all this money and hoopla in an overseas market! A slap in the face to American Economics. This is so stupid.

Q- I would quit watching football if this happened. I'm sick and tired of every sport's commissioner trying to expand everything to other countries. It's all money and greed that's driving this too. They have their sports and leagues, and we have ours. Leave it at that and quit trying to "globalize" the sport. It's unnecessary and taking games away from the people who made the sport what it is today. I guarantee that this will be the downfall of one of the major sports. At some point people are going to quit watching/attending when they realize that the out of country market is more important than us here in the States.

AFC has an overall record of 14-12 over NFC teams this year. Is this surprising? Right on? Does this tell us anything?

Dogg- I would've guessed that the AFC is much better against the NFC than that but the matchups are all random. I believe the AFC has more terrible teams but also has the elite teams as well.

The NFC is full of average teams so they can beat up on the below average teams in the AFC. The AFC is still much better in my opinion and think they will come out on top in the SB once again.

Fuzz- It’s a little surprising to me. I would have thought the AFC would be way higher, but they’ve slipped a little bit. Teams like Cincinnati, San Diego (even though getting better now), Denver and even New York are having worse years then expected. NFC only has Chicago and New Orleans that aren’t living up to expectation. Maybe the NFC isn’t the minor leagues of the NFL anymore…

Q- The only reason this is surprising is because most would have predicted something closer to a 20-6 mark. But you can't and won't have that big of a separation. Yes, the top 3-4 teams in the AFC are better than anyone in the NFC, but they also have some terrible teams over there that our average NFC teams are beating up on. So, long story longer, no, I'm not surprised at all.

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