Friday, December 7, 2007


Yes, this is a cheap way to get to 100 but screw it. This is our 100th post. Cheers to that! Thank all of you for reading. We've noticed more hits the last 2-3 weeks so keep the word of mouth going. Tell all of your friends! We're all enjoying this fun little hobby.

Next week should be another full week for us. I'll be coming at you with the Vikings game recap and a college basketball article. Dogg will be coming out with his TV review. He's the ultimate TV junkie so you'll find something you watch on his list. Q will be coming out with something. He hasn't decided what yet but he says he's going to take every single weekend minute to figure it out. Kidding, we're not that big of losers. We'll also have our NFL Under Review and I think another "Voices from a Stranger" piece. So that's six for next week! Buckle up and put on your helmets ladies. Have a drunken but safe weekend....

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