Friday, December 14, 2007

TV is Life, The Rest is Just Details

I love TV and yes it’s an important part of my everyday life. Some may think I watch to much television but I don’t understand how people in the real world don’t come home, kick back and enjoy the best inventions of all time…..TV and Tivo. The following is a list of shows I regularly watch in the fall and stay tuned for the winter edition soon.

Monday –

“Heroes” – I got this show recommended to me right before season two was about to begin. Being the TV junkie I am, I went to Blockbuster and rented the entire season 1. After finishing season 1 in a couple weeks I was jacked up for season 2 to begin and it’s lived up to all the hype. A show where human beings can do just about anything you’d dream to as a human has some of the best characters on TV. Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) can do anything. Name it and he’ll find a way to get it done. Calm, collective and cool, this guy can flat out fill it up. “Save the cheerleader, save the world” was the motto in season 1 and Pete Petrelli was the only guy who could make that happen. That cheerleader is Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) so thank the lord she was saved otherwise the show would’ve taken a huge hit. It would’ve been like watching Baywatch without Pamela Anderson. What the fuck is the point? The key villain in the show, Sylar, (Zachary Quinto) lost his powers for a stretch in season 2 but looks like he’ll be back on the prowl when the show returns to TV. I have to keep this as brief as possible because there are more characters on this show than hairs on my chest. If you’re looking for some X-Men like shit, this show is your taste. The writers strike has put an end to season 2 for now but I can see this show coming back with a bang so catch up and get as confused as my roommates every Monday night.

“The Hills” – Fine, rip me right now for watching a show that evolved because of the infamous MTV’s “Laguna Beach”. The reality show about LC’s (Lauren Conrad) life is in its 3rd season and it has become as entertaining as “Laguna Beach” ever was. LC used to be best friends and roommates with Heidi until she decided to date and move in with the biggest d-bag in TV history, Spencer Pratt. He recently got half engaged to Heidi and now it looks like they are on the rocks because he just doesn’t get it. LC is trying ever so dearly to begin dating Brody Jenner who I actually like. Most of these hot ladies from “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” date the biggest tools but Brody seems like a dude that I could chill with. The fake finale was a disappointment but two nerds doing the after show told us that LC is coming back for after the first of the year. Let’s hope this phenomenal lady, LC, can finally a good guy.

Tuesday –

I don’t watch any TV shows on Tuesday’s so if there’s something on the tube that I’m missing out on, please inform me so I don’t have to continue betting on UNLV vs. Utah at midnight.

Wednesday –

I started watching MTV’s “Real World” until I was 29 episodes deep and realized that it’s been the same exact show for the past 19 years. Ever since Puck left the show it’s been one of the most repetitious shows on TV. This is my night to try and catch up on my NBA basketball knowledge.

Thursday –

“Survivor” – One of my favorites for the past 4 years has lived up to its hype once again this season. We had one of the most dominant players Survivor has ever seen go down in flames two weeks ago because he wasn’t using his head. James, the biggest guy I’ve ever seen on the show was pushing down full size trees while winning nearly ever challenge for his tribe or individually. The guy found both hidden immunity idols and only had 4 weeks left to use both of them but decided to not play one two weeks ago. Sure as shit, his alliance blind-sided him as they should have if any of them wanted a chance at the $1M. This season has proven that the game is a strategic game and if you’re not thinking it doesn’t really matter who you are. There are 4 ladies left and only 1 man, none of them being great at challenges but have played the game perfectly. Todd is the one man left and has manipulated almost every player in this game so it looks to me that even if he makes the finals, the winner this year is going to be a female. My hopes are for the everyday lunch lady Denise.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – This season started very slow but the combination of McDreamy and McSteamy have comeback like “The Bash Brothers”. Dr. Sloan is the biggest player in any TV show out there and his slyness is 2nd best to none. The introduction of Lexi Grey has been a pleasant surprise and Karev has been the 2nd biggest player behind Dr. Sloan. Meredith Grey has been same old same old and I don’t know if I dislike anybody more than this 30 year old going on 84. Derrick has gone back to her for the past 3 seasons and he could get better than her after bathing in dogshit for 2 years. It looks like McDreamy has maybe had enough and moving towards one of his assistants instead which would be a blessing in the sky. Those two together would almost as worse as George and Izzy together but I don’t even want to start talking about them. The winter finale was a B in my book but as long as the show continues to have McDreamy and McSteamy as top dawgs, I’ll be tuned in.

Friday –

“Friday Night Lights” – The best show that nobody knows about has not let down in season 2. It has moved to Friday nights which is about as dumb as The NFL Network but while I’m out having cold beers and jag bombs, my Tivo is taking care of my TV addiction. There is a MILF (Tami Taylor), hot high school ladies (Lyla Garrity, Tyra Collette and Julie Taylor), Lombardi-like football coach (Eric Taylor), star RB (Smash Williams), alcoholic FB and badass (Tim Riggins), cheating booster club member (Buddy Garrity) and the star QB who dates the coaches daughter (Matt Saracen). If you like football, drama and all the things that go along with playing high school football in Texas, you will enjoy this show more than “Girls Gone Wild”.

Tweeter drinks beers, Fuzz eats Davanni’s hoagies in 2 minutes, Q conks on demand, Josie has ADD, Randy catches TD’s, Brady throws TD’s, Russell wins championships, Buffalo loses Super Bowls, Snoop smokes weed……and I watch TV.

Side note: Rent and watch “Weeds” and “The Wire”. You won’t be disappointed.


Mom said...

I knew you were the smart one when you said you watched Friday Night Lights. I loved the book and I love the TV show. As someone who has experienced Texas High School football up close and personal, I will say the show is quite realistic. By the way, you should watch Boston Legal on Tuesday nights. Very funny show.

Bullhead said...

How can Entourage not be on your list? It is the best show going in TV right now!!

TiVo said...

That is probably the worst line-up of shows on television.

Finn-to-Win said...

Yeah I agree with Bullhead, Entourage has to be in there. But that is on Sundays maybe because football is on you do not have any time to watch it.

Dogg said...

I don't have HBO but have rented every season thus far and is a great show. That list of shows is just what I'm watching right now. I just finished the 2nd season of Weeds on DVD and it's great.

Entourage is definitely one of the top shows out there.

Vincent Chase said...

I think Friday Night Lights has the best selection of beautiful women I've ever seen on a TV show, it's just ridiculous.

The Wire and Entourage might be the two best shows on TV. And I highly recommend Lost. Give it a couple episodes and you will be hooked and buy all the DVD's Seasons 1-3 and watch them in 2 weeks like I did, haha check it out.

Mr. Cue said...

We here at TKOT love The Wire, Entourage, and Lost. Since we don't have HBO, those shows are on the "wait for DVD" list (as Dogg already mentioned). We are huge Lost fans, but since that is a winter show, I'm sure Dogg will get to it when the time comes for a winter TV post.

Dogg said...

That is right Mr. Cue. I was just commenting on the shows I'm currently watching either on DVD or the current fall shows. When winter rolls around, I will be commenting on several other shows like Lost and American Idol.

FNL looks like it's a huge hit with many people but why can't they find a better slot than Friday nights for it?

Hey Vinny, you dig Lyla Garrity?

Anonymous said...

What about my show, Varsity, Inc.?

Dogg said...

I believe that is the ESPN2 special that follows another football team like the show "Two-A-Days" on MTV. The show will follow West Monroe, LA I believe but other than that I know nothing about it.

Can you give us some insight?

Shelby Auld #4 Starting QB said...

It's about the powerhouse that is the West Monroe Rebels. Follows me and my boys through the 2007 Louisiana HS football season. Basically it's Two-A-Days, ESPN style. Which basically means, its all about football, X's and O's, rivalries, etc. No relationship bullshit unless its between the coaches and players between the lines.

Dogg said...

I usually like the relationship bullshit in TV because it gives shows a little more flavor. I can understand why some will enjoy this more though. The whole relationship thing can get a little redundant with these shows so maybe I'll test the waters with this one.

When does it begin and what nights?

Vincent Chase said...

I defintely am digging Lyla Garrity, forget Mandy Moore...she's my new obsession

Dogg said...

Hey Vinny, what do you think about her going all religious on us this season? I could care less as long as I get to see her tail every week. She is something else.

Horny Fan said...

First off, spend the money and GET HBO! It has the best shows.

Second, the guys at TKonToast know me well and this is the first topic to spark a comment. WATCH THE WIRE!!! Best show on TV, and season 5 (final season) starts in January. You've still got time to catch up!

Side note-I just found out how "Prop Joe" got his name this morning...classic stuff.