Sunday, December 9, 2007

That was easy

Well ladies and gentleman, we’re in!

These left for dead Minnesota Vikings now have a full game lead on the 6th and final playoff spot. Last week it wasn’t really worth getting into because of the crazy tiebreakers with the teams that were tied. Not anymore all-stars! With Detroit and Arizona losing today, we are securely in the playoffs with three measly games left.

I was pretty confident going into the game that we would win but the word “trap game” started creeping into my head as the week went on. A three-win team playing “loosey goosey” at home started worrying me. The last thing we needed as rejuvenated fans was a bad loss to a bad team. That would have put a damper in this newfound success. But that didn’t happen. We won pretty easily and out of our seven wins this felt like the most business like. It’s like we have this new winners mentality where we can just show up, play a little and leave with a W. It’s great!

The whole trap game thing was erased immediately on the first actual play when Trent Dilfer rifled his first pass into Kevin Williams and he took it to the house. Ten seconds in and it’s 7-0. That’s when we all knew it was over. The rest of the game wasn’t that entertaining because San Francisco is an extremely bad team and it’s not fun watching shitty teams play football. It’s like watching a really bad movie in the movie theater. All you want to do is walk out of the thing and be done with it.

The Vikings even weren’t that great. The soon to be rookie of the year Adrian Peterson had 14 carries for three yards! I never thought he get stuffed like this. Our offense only had 280 total yards and was shut-down completely in the second half. The two offensive highlights were Chester’s 84-yard touchdown run and the steady play again of Tarvaris Jackson. It’s no surprise that our four game winning streak is tied to T-Jacks minimal turnover-smart decision play. He wasn’t spectacular but he didn’t f-up. The 180 he’s made is one of the main stories of this season. I don’t think 95% of people saw this coming.

That’s about it for this game. Like I said, it was like watching a bad movie. It was nice being in control and winning, but the second half was painful. Either way it was nice keeping the streak alive and solidifying ourselves as a good NFC team. The next two weeks are at home and we should win both. You don’t want to look forward but I do. It’s only natural. That puts us at 9-6 heading into a road game at Denver. I don’t know how many wins is going to get us in, but nine wins puts us at a great chance to get in. You know it’s a good sign when my roommates and I are talking about which team we’d rather play in the first round rather than discussing which draft pick we should take in April. Things have changed around here and I couldn’t be happier.


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Dogg said...

We are in the drivers seat now but knowing all MN teams we will try our hardest to give it away.