Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

As we’ve seen more and more lately, DI coaches in all sports are leaving their respective teams for other major universities. For whatever reason it is, I think this has become a major issue with college athletics.

How can the NCAA make players sit out an entire season if he/she transfers but coaches can bail from a team before a frickin bowl game? Not to mention, Rich Rodriguez of course left West Virginia for the money and the prestige of Michigan. But seriously? Your team is in a BCS game and you’re not going to be coaching it?
That’s real professional. Would have you done the same thing if your team hadn’t choked against Pittsburgh the last game of the year? Or would’ve you coached them in the BCS National Championship game and then bailed? What a punk of a coach to bail on the team that has bled and sweat for him for the past 5 months. Make him sit out one year after he leaves and I bet he’ll have second thoughts.

My main question is why does the NCAA make players sit out an entire year when they want to transfer to a different school? I can see some reasons for discouraging transferring but just set a date for every sport that allows all athletes to transfer without any obligations if they transfer before that date. What, are they scared of guys across country talking and planning to transfer to the same school? I hope the NCAA knows that high school athletes already do that so the option for them already presents itself. Let the student-athletes decide where they want to attend and play athletics. If they want to play for 4 different colleges in 4 years, so be it.

Being a huge fan of college athletics, I love to see transfers. It usually gives the athlete a fresh start which some are in desperate need of. I know the new transfer might take another kids spot who has been there for years but that’s life. Kids should deal with some adversity because it will make them grow up and find a way to still help their respective teammates. Us fans are looking for memorable teams like Michigan’s “Fab Five” so if 3 kids want to transfer to the same university in attempt to win a National Title, let them. It will be fun to watch and the kids will be leaving for the pros in a year or two anyways so give the kids some freedom.

NCAA athletics is so corrupt the way it is so I say let the kids have their choice of which university they want to represent each year. If they don’t meet the designated deadline and still transfer then they sit out the upcoming year but don’t make the players sit out an entire season just because they want to transfer to a different school. There are so many reasons why a college athlete would want to transfer and I can respect almost all of them. Coaches can recruit kids and bail on them with no obligations so let the kids have the ability to leave their respective schools without any obligations as well.

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Finn-to-win said...

There is one reason they do not let them transfer it is all about the money. The school would lose out on all the money if the top recruit decides to transfer to another school. Its a shame that all college athletics is about now is the all mighty dollar. The school does not want the other school to gain all the money the old school would have had if the player or players stayed. But I agree with you that coaches should be held to the same rules.