Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Ramblings

We here at TKOT want to thank Aaron Gleeman for the shout-out on his blog. You guys really need to check his site out. We linked it to our site in the top right. He’s pretty much the official fan blog for the Minnesota Twins. He knows his stuff. Anyways, he gave us a shout-out today in his “Link-o-Rama.” Thanks again AG!

More updates and banter after the jump...

Also, Dogg & Q will be coming out with a college basketball preview sometime in the next 24-48 hours. It’s going to be long and fantastic. They are both Duke haters so I have a bad feeling my Dukies aren’t going to get any love. I'll let the polls at the end of the year do the talking. Either way, check back to our site every minute from now on in case it gets posted. I’m serious. You want to be the first to read it right? Then fucking refresh constantly.

In the meantime, check out our Friday Ramblings. A bunch of random topics to get you through this Friday. It’s nothing big. Just a short email string between the four of us. The original questions/comments were brought to us by a coyote we call... Schmick Schmarx.

Schmick Schmarx: How about Koy Detmer getting $90,000 for playing catch for 3 days?

Fuzz: They can pay Koy $90,000 like that but get their panties in a bunch if someone leaves for a funeral. Whatever.

Q: Good call on the funeral thing Fuzz. Did you guys know that we changed our minds on that Williamson thing? I read it in SI but never saw anything locally on it.

Dogg: Who cares.

Schmick Schmarx: What do you guys think about Rashad McCants? I still kind of feel like we're better off if he plays really well(like he has been) and then we are able to move him for a nice package.

Fuzz: I like McCants and I see no reason to move him. Why do you want to move him? He's a mid-teen draft pick that's panning out this year. I hate the notion this state has that we have to move everyone. Why can't we keep guys? I like him for the future of the Wolves.

Dogg: McCants is the deal when he tries and being it’s his third year, which is a contract year he’ll play well all year.

Q: I like McCants and I don't know why we would want to move him. 08-09 Puppies: Foye, McCants, Brewer, Beasley, Jefferson.

Fuzz: Q, I see you stole my starting five for next year from my KG piece. I’m fine with it. The more people on the Beasley bandwagon the better.

Schmick Schmarx: You guys watch "Sunny" last night? It was hilarious.

Fuzz: No idea what the hell Sunny is.

Dogg: “Sunny” “Sunny” “Sunny”, What the F is “Sunny”?

Q: He's talking about "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"--a show on FX. I've never seen it but hear it's awesome.

Schmick Schmarx: If both teams win out, I think we're all set up for a Oklahoma-Kansas Big 12 title game with the winner going to the national championship game. That would be an awesome game.

Q: If Kansas loses to Missouri tomorrow, does the winner of the Big 12 title game still go to the BCS title game?

Dogg: I hope Kansas is in the title game no matter what.

Fuzz: I don't care about college football. Who ever makes the championship game is not going to beat the USC/Texas we had a couple of years ago. I'm not a college football fan at all but that game was insane. I don't know if we'll see another college like that in the next 20 years.

Schmick Schmarx: Stop playing Antoine Walker. He is nothing more than a role player now and the Timbies should not care about wins. Give those minutes to Corey Brewer. The same goes for Marko Jaric. Give the minutes to Telfair and find out if he's a starting PG in the NBA.(HINT "He's not.")

Fuzz: The minutes Walker is getting bothers me a little bit but not too much. Personally, I think they are showcasing him. Hopefully someone bites and we get a trade offer. I also don't think losing every single game helps you either. I think we need a balance. The young guys need to play, which they are, but playing Walker if he's playing well to smell victory is not a bad thing in my mind. The main thing is that I think they are showcasing him...

Q: I like the showcasing idea, but fear that it's not true. I hate Shimmy.

Dogg: I agree about Walker. Cut him now. I like Telfair a lot. Give him some minutes. He’s like a rookie so lets see what we got with him

Schmick Schmarx: I don't think we need to move everyone. I've just never been super impressed with McCants game. He is a legitimate NBA player, though. In the future, I would like to see in our starting lineup:

Foye, Brewer, mystery player, Jefferson, mystery player

That’s why I don't like getting some of these wins using Walker and Jaric. If the players of the future win… great. Otherwise, I would like to pick very high next year in the draft. We did this years ago with Musselman when we were terrible. We won something like 8 out of our last 10 games, dropped in the draft, and ended up with Felton Spencer.( or Luc Longley. I forget which year.) That’s my only point on using Walker and Jaric.

Fuzz: Why not one of the mystery players be McCants? He’s a good player that can fill it and is role model to children. Seriously, where else can you find a guy that compares college basketball to being in prison?

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Jeff said...

Holy crap. I've known you bastards for over 8 years and the way that I find out you have a blog is by reading Gleeman's link-o-rama? What gives? You couldn't have told me that you have a sports blog? I've argued sports with each of you for years. How the hell do I get in on this?

Gleeman is god. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is amazing. Nic Marx is a black shoe wearing piece of instant offense.

TK should make his own show "It's always Sunny in Frogtown".

I'm out... gotta ask Schmick Smarx if he wants to start a rival sports blog with me.

- Sauer