Sunday, November 4, 2007

That didn't take long

In his eighth professional game, Adrian “All Day” Peterson broke the single game rushing record. It was so impressive my cronies and I gave him a standing a townhome. You read that right. I wasn’t at the game, but I still stood up in my Sunday sweats and gave the man some respect. He deserved it.

The emergence of Adrian has everyone here in Minnesota giggly, including me. I’m just giddy. I have a hop in my step and pep in my talk. Look at the stars that have once graced this market that were ours but now are gone:

Kevin Garnett- Gone.
Randy Moss- Gone.
Sidney Ponson- Gone.
Daunte Culpepper- Gone.
David Ortiz- Gone.
Torii Hunter- Soon to be Gone. Trust me.
Johan Santana- Soon to be Gone. Trust me.

All these guys had the admiration of the fans over the years when they played here or currently playing in the case of Hunter and Santana. Studs as someone people would call them. Well they’re all gone or soon to be and we have no one here too claim in the national sports scene.

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are nice players, but they’re low-key nerds. Half of the national sports fans couldn’t pick Mauer & Morneau out of a police lineup. Crazy because one as a batting title already and the other has an MVP.

Al Jefferson and company just arrived a minute ago and the T-puppies are in complete rebuilding mode. We’re ranked dead last in 95% of NBA pre-season rankings. It’s depressing, but not really because I’m already scouting who we should pick #1 next year. Marion Gaborik and Brian Rolston are the hockey studs in town, but it’s hockey. We love are hockey here, but Sponge Bob Square Pants beat out the NHL finals in ratings. True story.

We went in the season for the Vikings with names like Tarvaris Jackson & Bobby Wade. It’s like the sports Gods were trying to kill us.

But then...

An injured plagued but potential stud slipped to the Minnesota Vikings at the 7th overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft and all Adrian has done is become the most popular athlete in the state within three months and made us forget about all those all other players that left.


He’s currently the best back statistical wise in the NFL with 1,036 yards. The fastest to and only 1,000-yard back in the league right now. He has nine total touchdowns and 40,000 more #28 jerseys in the stands next home game. He’ll be the talk again of every radio show, water cooler and coffee shop small talk this week, just like he was after his last 200+ performance. This will be different though, because he did it AGAIN and he did it even grander. He broke the effing single game record as a ROOKIE! His legacy keeps getting larger and larger with every carry. I realize I’m saying this eight games into his career, but believe me, people here are fully on board the Adrian Peterson train.

Listen, Kevin Garnett was “it” in this state. He is one of the bigger athlete stars in any sport on the planet and he was ours. Well, he got shipped out of here this summer and you can’t go by a newsstand without seeing him plastered on a magazine cover in Celtic green with a big ole smile on his face.

Every double/double by KG this year would have been like a stomach punch by a 300-pound gorilla. It would have gotten worse & worse.

Well, that blow is going to be less painful ladies and gentleman thanks to All Day Adrian Peterson! Soon, you’ll see AP and that million-dollar smile on magazine covers in Viking purple. You’ll start seeing national media outlets doing interviews with him and start hearing the experts arguing his place in rookie NFL history. Our favorite football team is back at the cool table. We were sitting with the band geeks and drama dorks, but now? We’re sitting with the in crowd being talked about by every other table. The Vikings are important again because of Adrian Peterson. And...

He’s ours. All ours.

Oh yeah, we beat the red hot Chargers to keep our playoff hopes alive…


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