Thursday, November 15, 2007

I miss him...kind of...

Look, it was the right move. I don’t think I could have gone through another mundane season with the T-wolves. I would have lost interest around mid-January and since last years roster consisted of about two potential guys I liked I would have been in serious hate mode. So the Big Ticket had to go. It would have felt like a merry-go-round again this year where we couldn’t get off the damn thing. We’ve been locked inside this merry-go-around for years now. The last three years has been the low point for this franchise, even worse then we first started. At least we could blame being a new franchise. Still…I miss KG. We’re less than 10 games into the season but every time I see highlights of KG fading away, swapping dead balls away from the hoop and screaming effenheimers at opponents, a part of me misses the guy.

If you’ve seen any Celtic games this year the Ticket looks extra happy. This is way overused with sports but KG has a much different attitude. He still plays as hard like he always has but he has that swagger back we saw in his MVP year. Why wouldn’t he though? He’s playing for a team that’s the talk of the town. He’s playing for the hot homecoming queen. Obviously he loves this. The T-Wolves have been fighting for the 8th spot in a stacked Western Conference while his Celtics have a legitimate shot at the #1 spot in the weaker Eastern conference. To date they’ve matched all this hype staying unbeaten with a win last night. Christ, has a story right now comparing them to the best team ever, the ’96 Bulls. The Bulls won 72 games that year! Also, instead of looking at clowns like Rick Davis and Marko Jaric everyday he’s playing with two other All-stars.

The point being is that I’m happy for the guy. He gets another shot to play with some real talent and make a run at the ‘ship. Marbury screwed him by leaving and the Spree/Cassell experiment got him close but didn’t work out. I miss the guy...pretty hard not too though. If you want to root for a genuine superstar that works his tail off night in and night out, KG is the model. When you thought of the Minnesota sports landscape he was the guy. Something us fans could hang our hat on. Now, I’m afraid if things go really well in Boston he might retire a Celtic. I don’t know if I could handle that.

In the end the trade had to happen. I knew this sick to my stomach sinking feeling was coming but it still hurts. I do understand the notion that the Wolves needed to bottom out first to start building up again. With KG’s salary and the inadequate way the franchise has been run, it was the only way. I will say watching these young guys are A LOT more entertaining. We are 1-5 but I’ve actually sat through a full T-wolves game without trying to stick a sharpie in my eyes. It’s been amusing. And it should only get better. One of the delights in the KG trade is getting back our #1 pick next year from Boston. A stupid move to get rid of it but at least we got the puppy back. With a draft class that is going to include Hibbert, Gordon, Rose, Mayo and Beasley, this is going to be another great year to have a lottery pick. I haven’t been so happy about being terrible in my life. My eyes are on the Beasley gentleman from Kansas State. Rated #1 in his draft class by and in his first college game he went 32 & 24. Not too shabby. He’s listed at 6’10/240. He’s a flipping beast and I want him on our team next year.

I miss you Mr. Garnett but I can root for hope in your absence. The hope went down the toilet with you here and it was depressing. However, a Foye, McCants, Brewer, Beasley and Jefferson starting five for next year is intriguing. So KG you go be the top story on ESPN and win your title(s). You deserve it. But in a few years us loyal T-wolves fans will (hopefully) get what we deserve too...

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