Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Under Review: Week 10

Week 10 questions by your personal NFL experts...

I know we’ve taken shots at the Packers but it’s time to be real for a second. Is this team a Superbowl contender?

Dogg- I think they are definitely a Super Bowl contender. The thing is they play in a weak division and if they get home field advantage it will even be difficult for Dallas to go there and win when it's 30 below zero. I don't if any of you sports fans have heard before but Brett Favre is 198-1 at Lambeau Field when the temperature is -86 or below. It also helps that they found a running game with a guy named Ryan Grant. You know it's bad when the guy attended Notre Dame where every game is televised and I have still never heard of him but he's fresh and running hard. Their defense is also underrated. Charles Woodson is back to being Charles Woodson and Al Harris isn't scared to mix it up with anybody. They are a top 5 team in the NFL right now.

Fuzz- It kills me to say this but yes they are. 8-1 is no fluke. They give up the third least points in the league. Their defense is very underrated. They also have a relatively easy schedule down the stretch. Detroit twice and Dallas. Besides those three games it’s cupcake city. A 13-14 win season is not out of the question and I physically hurt. Like, I’m sick to my stomach. Packer fans are the worst. They are great game fans with the whole Lambeau experience but absolutely suck as a water cooler fan. They won’t shut-up about how good they are and how the Vikings have never won a Superbowl. It’s like diarrhea of the mouth with these people. This resurgence is simply horrible.

Q- No. I know I'm a little bit bitter after the undressing they gave the Vikes on Sunday, but I still just don't see them as a team that can be taken seriously deep into the playoffs. In the NFC, it's a bit of a different story because, outside of Dallas, no one is very good. But in a head to head matchup, I'd say any one of the following teams has a shot against them: Dallas (of course), the Giants, New Orleans, Seattle, and Detroit.

Back in week four, we did are early MVP votes. It’s been six weeks so we need to update. Has your vote changed? Dogg said Jeff Garcia, Q said Tony Romo and Fuzz said Brett Favre.

Dogg: OK I know that Jeff Garcia won't get a single vote in the MVP column but I'm being honest when I say he should. He is making something out of Joey Galloway again and all of the sudden Ike Hilliard is catching balls again. Earnest Graham is their RB and he shared time on his own college team. Their defense is back to where it once was and you know what he does the best...his job and that is not turn the ball over. It's a ball-controlled offense with the occasional up top pass to Galloway, which usually works. Imagine if the Ravens had a QB who didn't turn the ball over and completed 66% of his passes. Just ask Ray Lewis....My answer has changed though to the infamous Brett Favre. He leads the league in passing yards on an 8-1 team.

Q- I'm sticking with my guy (Romo). His team has the best record in the NFC, their only loss is to the soon to be undefeated Patriots, and his numbers are outstanding. What more could you ask for in an MVP? Add to that the fact that he seems to be very comfortable and quotable in the media, and you have your run away winner. If it's a close race for an award like this, media members will go with the guy that seems more likeable and gave them more quotes and useful writing material. Tony Romo is that guy and he will be your MVP.

Fuzz- I’m sticking with Brett Favre on the fact that I want my early MVP vote to pan out. Early season calls usually never pan out but Packer Wacker Favre has a legitimate shot. He’s playing out of his mind for a guy his age. The last 3-4 years he’s literally buried the Packers with his poor decisions and multiple chinstrap takeoffs. All of sudden he has his mojo back while playing smart at the same time and still gets away with the chinstrap takeoffs after every possession. He couldn’t do it all the last few years but now he’s found a balance. Oh yeah, also because he has so much fun playing the game of football. Did you guys know that?

Blog note: It should be noted that all three of us think Tom Brady will win the MVP. Not too surprising. These picks are who we think deserves it. It’s not that GQ doesn’t, but we feel these players deserve it more but we don’t vote.

Did you ever think you’d see the day Peyton Manning would throw six picks? And are the Colts not as good as we thought? Meaning, are they not the second best team anymore?

Q- I think the shock of the Patriots game lingered a little bit and caused the Colts to press a little bit. They wanted to show everyone that they were still dominant and send a message that the New England game was an aberration. Unfortunately, the Chargers didn't get the message, and after they returned the opening kick to the house, Indy was in trouble. I'm still of the belief that they are clearly the second best team. They flat out got beat by the Patriots, which is fine because everyone has this year. Then they had this San Diego game. Most teams have a game like this where they come out flat. As long as that game isn't in the playoffs, everything is fine. The Colts will still be playing at Gillette Stadium in the Real Super Bowl, aka, the AFC title game.

Fuzz- I thought I’d see the week Peyton Manning threw six picks the same week I saw James Thrash catch a ball. I thought Peyton would NEVER throw that many INT’s and I thought Thrash was stuck in a cage like Sawyer was in LOST because he stole checks from the NFL.

I was wrong on both accounts because it happened on the same f-ing day. The probability of this is astounding. I still think the Colts are the second best team. They’ve stumbled a bit but I’d still take them over Dallas, Green Bay and Pittsburgh. If kicker immortality Adam Vinatieri hits that late game FG we could be looking at a one loss Colts team. But he missed it and now people have doubts. I don’t. They’ll be in the AFC championship game at the minimum.

Do you guys make anything of the wins that Denver, Philadelphia and Arizona had?

Q- The Eagles had a nice little fourth quarter comeback. Any time you can put up a 20 spot in the final 15 minutes to pull out a victory, it will get the fans off your back. It also gives us one more week without the speculation about Andy Reid being fired/Donovan McNabb playing elsewhere.

The Broncos and Cardinals won? Really? Shows how much those games mattered to me. Though it does prove that the Lions are on VERY shaky ground for a playoff spot.

Fuzz- Denver and Philly’s wins don’t mean anything because they are average teams. I’m still drinking the Arizona Kool-Aid. A big red line above my lip hasn’t gone away yet all because of that offense. If Boldin can get back healthy they are going to win the NFC West.

Dogg: None of those teams have a chance to do anything in the playoffs and that's if any of them make the playoffs.

A really bad but even division is the NFC South. Records are 5-4(TB), 4-5(Car.), 4-5(NO) and 3-6(ATL). Carolina and Atlanta have been thrown to the waste side but are right in this race. Who wins this division and are all teams in your mind still in it? Or is one going to run away with it?

Fuzz- It’s tempting to pick the Saints because of their high-powered offense. Players like Bush, Brees & Colston can score plenty of points. However, they just lost to the Sisters of the Poor (Rams), which raises major questions about their defense. Therefore I’m picking those very boring Tampa Bay Bucs. I don’t like them at all but I have faith in Jeff Garcia leading them to the playoffs. If you’re married to a Playmate of the Year like Garcia is, things just work out for you. Bucs take the South.

Q- Despite and ugly setback yesterday, I think the Saints are going to win this division. They started off the season with a terrible 0-4 mark, but then rattled off 4 straight wins. Yes, they lost to the Rams, but come on, some one had to give them their first win. The still have more talent than the other three teams in the division and for that reason alone, I they'll win the South. After all, am I really supposed to trust or put any confidence in guys like Jeff Garcia, Vinny Testeverde/David Carr, and John Joseph Harrington to win a division title? I don't think so.

Dogg: Well, look at New Orleans and Tampa Bay's schedules for the rest of the season. Both are cupcake central and when I say cupcake central I mean it. It's going to come down to week 13 when Tampa Bay travels to New Orleans. This game is a coin flip for me at this time after New Orleans loses at home to St. Louis but I'll take the more consistent team in Tampa Bay and they squeak out the division. If both play football like they can it won't matter too much because both will be in the postseason anyways.


Anonymous said...

Q, I hope you know the Packers tossed the Giants salad at the Meadowlands already this season 35-18. Detroit is overrated, their 6-3 start is cute, but they're playing a last place schedule. Wouldn't surprise me if they still finished 8-8.

- Pup Money

Anonymous said...

Carmella DeCesare is really hot, how did Jeff "I'm gay" Garcia get her? Oh and the Bucs will not win the dirrrty.