Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Under Review: Week 11

Five NFL questions.

Who is better: Moss or Owens? Why?

Dogg: Moss or Owens? That's like comparing Peter Petrelli and Sylar (Heroes), which is virtually impossible because both aren't human. There might not be another WR who runs the straight fly pattern better than Moss but Owens will find the seam, turn it up, light two LB's up and run through a safety for a 50 yard TD. I do love that Skip Worthless Bayless) said at the beginning of the season that both of these WR's are all but washed up and will ruin both organizations. Once again his opinion is about as far off as you can get and the guy has a 10-cent sports mind.

Q: Very tough question, but I have to go with TO. Both guys excel on corralling the deep ball as well as making catches over the middle (something Randy doesn't get enough credit for). Their both major difference makers and athletic freaks. I think the thing that separates them is that while both can be major distractions, TO never lets any of his antics affect his on the field play. Moss basically quit each of the last two seasons because he didn't like the situation he was in. It's a tight race, but that effort factor pushes it slightly to Owens in my mind.

Fuzz: Before we get to the “who is better” question, how ridiculous was last Sunday with these two? It was like Moss and Owens had a little side bet on who was going to be better. “500 G” to the winner Owens said. I’m 100% positive Moss responded with “just pay me straight cash homey.” I swear this was rigged. The two best receivers in the NFL on the same day somehow combine to go for 18 catches, 301 yards and 8 TD’s. Yeah right. Anyways, both are too close to call. I’m going to go with Moss because he started here and I’m a homer. But it’s so close. Give or take they both have about 12,000 yards and 120 touchdowns. It’s pretty amazing how close their career stats are. I’m giving the nod to Randy.

What’s more likely: Lions make the playoffs or Lions miss the playoffs? Why? (FYI: They are currently the 6th seed.)

Fuzz: They only have a one game lead with six games left. No way the Motor City Kitties make the playoffs. Their defense is still shady as hell and they have three ex-Vikings on their roster, so they’re screwed. We haven’t really been good lately. In all seriousness, I don’t think they have the talent. Kitna is a nice quarterback but he throws out stupid quotes and throws 11 picks a game. In the end, they’ll fall. I’m sure my boys will agree...

Dogg: The Lions will miss the playoffs. Anytime an average player like Jon Kitna says things like he'll throw for 50 TD's and his team will have at least 10 wins usually doesn't turn out well. They still have the Packers twice, @MN, DAL, @SD. That is a very tough schedule and Jon Kitna is still their QB.

Q: Absolutely not. I've been saying all year that they are overrated and that their second half schedule would expose them--and I didn't even plan on them losing to Arizona last week. This will continue to be a trend and a major story in the NFL as the Kitties lose game after game and drop further and further out of playoff contention. They won't even be an afterthought in a few weeks.

It’s pretty clear Miami is the worst team in the league. Channeling your inner Mel Kiper, who are they taking #1 next year?

Q: Ah, I knew a question of this nature was coming sooner or later. I will openly admit that I don't follow college football all that closely. I know most of the skill position stars, but not much more. What makes that even worse is that Miami has a young quarterback (Lemon) and a very good young running back (Brown), and there aren't any Calvin Johnson-type receivers in this year's class. That means they will probably draft an offensive lineman or defensive player. I hear that Glen Dorsey cat out of LSU is supposed to be a defensive stud, so I'll go with him.

Fuzz: A quarterback would be a logical choice but like a guy I know called “The Bag,” pointed out is that they are high on their second round pick John Beck. Sounds like a paper salesman but he’s a young chap out of BYU. How about a Darren McFadden here? Is that too risky? Ronnie Brown just ripped his ACL and Ricky Williams even though reinstated can’t stay off the “broccoli.” And don’t tell me Jesse Chatman is pretty good. It’s the NFL for Christ sake, they’re all pretty good. Like All Day proved here, a homerun hitter is a great tool and McFadden brings this.

Dogg: Miami will be taking a QB and to tell you the truth I never know who's going where until 1 week before the draft because I swear that NFL teams wipe out players' entire collegiate career and draft everybody based on their combine results which I think is a very dumb way to do it. Maybe when deciphering between two players but doesn't 3-4 seasons tell you more than what the tests read on your 40-yard dash, bench press, shuttle run, etc. I say they go with Ryan, the QB from BC.

A team that gets no pub is Jacksonville. Tell me about them. What’s to like? Do they have a shot to go deep in the playoffs? Why? Why not?

Fuzz: Oh, I’ll tell you about them. They got that lovable loser with a pencil in his ear in an undefined coaches role. This is why they are winning. Mike Tice just wins baby. To be honest I have no f-ing idea how they are good. They are 7-3 in the strong AFC and their leading rusher is Fred Taylor and their leading receiver is Dennis Northcutt. One more time. Fred Taylor= leading rusher. Dennis Northcutt= leading receiver. Record= 7-3. WHAT!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? To make it worse, David Garrard has eight touchdowns this year. Eight!!!!! I’m getting more pissed off as I write this. How are they 7-3 in the AFC and we’re 4-6 in the NFC? I hate the NFL. I’m done. I’ll let Q & Dogg answer this seriously.

Q: I don't like anyone in the NFL other than New England, Indianapolis, and Dallas. Seriously, what's the point of debating teams like Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, etc.? Maybe they make the playoffs and lose to the Patriots or Colts. Maybe they sit at home and watch somebody else lose to the Patriots or Colts. Fuck it. Who cares?

Fuzz: Nevermind. Maybe Dogg?

Dogg: Jacksonville runs the ball well, has a good game manager in David Garrard and a very good defense like every other year. The biggest change is getting Leftwich out and Garrard in but still don't see this team beating Indy or New England when it counts. I would say they are up there with the Pittsburgh's of the world but they don't have anybody at the WR position that can make a play.

Fuzz: There we go! One of us usually comes through. Why do you think three of us do this? Come on people.

Oh those plucky Vikings. They just won’t go away. What are your thoughts on the season? Do you see progress from last year? Since we’ve written them off this year does this team at least have a playoff shot next year?

Dogg: This is the most inconsistent Vikings team I have ever seen. They've actually looked like a playoff team in some weeks this year but have looked like the Miami Dolphins at times as well. We will need a different QB if we want to make the postseason next year. We don't have a QB on this team right now that deserves a backup position in this league. I hate giving up this quickly on Jackson but he hasn't shown me any progress at all. He has a cannon but his pocket presence and accuracy are nothing short of terrible. Get him out, get Derek Anderson in here and we might have a shot

Fuzz: Frustrating. That is the best word to describe the 2007 season. We aren’t horrible like Miami, St. Louis and San Fran and we definitely are not the elite like New England, New England and…New England. We are just below average. Our defense usually keeps us in every game and we run the ball very well. #1 rushing offense if you want to know. But our QB makes two or three plays a game to lose the game and he never makes two or three plays to win us the game. That’s frustrating! Baring a miracle they are done this season and unless they have a new quarterback in here next year they’ll be the same below average team.

Q: This is the most difficult season of Vikings football that I have ever personally experienced. Yeah, I know it sucks when you have a good team and you lose to a crappy Falcons team or get raped by the Giants. But at least you were good. Seasons when you win 2-3 games and get blown out every other week sucks, but at least you have no expectations and get a high draft pick. This Vikings team is going to win just enough games to screw themselves of a talented player (cough, quarterback) in the draft. Plus, we aren't doing anything well enough on a consistent basis to think that we even have a small chance of smelling the playoffs. Top it all off with the erection-producing play of AD, only to have the balloon pop after his knee got ripped up. Like I said, the most difficult season I have ever had to endure.


Andrew said...

Since you three love answering questions, especially about the Vikes, here is another one for you;
"AP, rush him back or let him rest? With Childress under fire, will the team rush him back from injury to ensure rookie of the year and take the spotlight off the QB situation?"

Fitz said...

I couldn't agree more with Dogg's assertion that Skip Bayless is worthless. I simply can not stand his asinine comments/articles. I don't know how he's still employeed with the crap that comes out of his mouth. It's not even sensical. I've gone so far as to write a letter to him and his employer [ESPN] reiterating his lack of sports wherewithal.

Fuzz said...

To Andrew-
I don't know what they think but I think should bring him back. No need to rush him but if the MD's say he's healthy, he needs to play. No reason to sit on the bench when your knee is fine. They are targeting that Dec. 2nd game against the Lions as a target date. If he's not completely healthy by then, sit him another. If he's good to go play him baby.