Friday, November 30, 2007

Fuzz's Stew

I would have used “ramblings” but that phrase seems overused with blogs these days. So forgive me for trying something different or a lot less used. Anyways here are some random topics and my random ass opinions.

The Santana sweepstakes-

At this point it’s more like an auction. All we need is that guy from the Micro Machine commercials taking bids and this would be an all-out official auction. I’m in the camp that we need to trade him but this still hurts hearing all the latest rumors. We “rule 5’d” this guy. Houston gave up on him but our boys saw something special. Well, two Cy Young’s later, he’s the best pitcher in the game and now it’s a foregone conclusion that he’ll be traded. If you are a player here and you get too good don’t get comfortable in this market because you’re a goner. I hate that. And since Johan decided to go A-Rod on us, the Twins can’t afford him anymore.

Jo’Hizzy is part to blame here also. Don’t let him off the hook. I heard we offered him four years for $80 million this week and his agent pretty much shit on it. He’s asking for six for $150 million. We’re only two years and $70 million off. I’m not seeing the snag here. Are you guys? $20 million a year is a damn good salary and if he really wanted to stay, he would take this offer. He doesn’t. He wants the money and year security no matter what team provides it. He also knows that only a handful of teams can afford him, which are all the big market-good teams. He has all the leverage. Not to mention that trade clause. Johan is in a good situation right now.

I don’t want to dive into any of the rumors because it gives you a sense of false hope about which guys are coming are way. I will believe that he’s only going to go to the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Dodgers or Angels. Personally, I don’t want all prospects. There needs to be at least one big league ready player. I don’t care if it’s a pitcher or a position player. Just someone that is penciled into a starting role immediately. With the abundance of pitchers we have, two position players and a pitcher would be perfect.

Stay tuned because the winter meetings are this week and things are bound to heat up. Thinking about Johan pitching for some other team is going to hurt just like watching KG playing for the Celtics but some things are inevitable. It would hurt much more next year when he waves bye-bye to the Twins without anything in return. Fucked without a kiss is the expression I like.

You have to admit all this pub we’re getting is fun?

Packers lose-

Finally! It’s seemed like forever ago since they’ve last loss and it was getting a little annoying. Let me say that I think the Packers have a good team. I’m not that much of homer to discount their season. They have a very good defense and Brett Favre is playing like an MVP. Or was playing like an MVP. Favre hurt is elbow along with a separated shoulder. How many jokes did the crew you guys were watching the game with make the pain killer joke after he went out? I was with a group of seven and I think we made 43 in a three-minute span. It was too easy. I was waiting for NFL network to pan to the locker room where Bud Kilmer was yelling into the camera, “Get the hell out of here if you know what’s good for you” while a needle is being buried into Favre’s arm. I didn’t see a scene like this though. Anyways, now they say his consecutive starting streak is in jeopardy. Bull shit I say. Brett Favre 100% will play next week.

They are still easily the second best team in the league only because Tampa Bay is the third best and I can only name the fantasy players from their team--Garcia, Graham and Galloway. The three G’s. Because of Tampa Bay’s unfamiliarity the Packers still stay #2 but it was nice seeing them lose.

Vikings in a must win-

Lose, you’re two out, win you’re tied for a playoff spot (minus tie-breakers). It’s that simple. In respect to God’s team, we’re 16-5 against the Lions in the last 10 years and have never lost two games against them in the same year. Don’t effing lose this game! That’s all that needs to be said. Just frickin win. This just in: Vikings Peterson is probable. Uh Oh...

College basketball nuggets-

The Gophers showed their true talent against Florida State. Tubby is a great coach but he’s going to have to work some serious magic to get this team to the big dance like Dogg’s predicting. An NIT appearance is more reasonable. However, Florida State will probably be the worst match-up they will face. I’m not saying that we can beat the Michigan State’s or Indiana’s but those teams are much different than that FSU squad. They were unbelievably quick and put so much pressure on our young point guards. Nolen and Payton looked fooled and overmatched. All the passing lanes were being blocked on defense by FSU and they were simply out running us on offense. The Big Ten doesn’t have a team even close to that ACC up-tempo style. It’s a bunch of stiffs who play zone defense. They got beat handily against FSU and I don’t see them losing by that margin again all year.

Duke’s 6-0 and the seventh seed in both polls. Thought you guys would like to know that. So all those Fuck Dukes I got on the comment section on my A-Z piece can go to hell. People don’t want to admit it but they’re a top- five at the end of year team. Get used to them up there.

Beasley Update. He’s played two more games so obviously he’s not keeping up with this 30/20 clip. I forgot that college basketball isn’t NBA Jam. Through seven games he’s averaging 26.7 pts and 15 rebounds. I’d say that’s still pretty good. In related news, the Wolves are 2-11. Things are right on track…

Bob Knight shot birdshot at someone’s head. Is anyone surprised? The guy is senile.

Movie recommendation:

It’s been out for a little bit but I saw “No Country for Old Men.” I liked it a lot. I don’t like reading other peoples thoughts on movies because I’m afraid they’ll give something away, so I’ll tread carefully. You really have to be a movie buff to appreciate this movie so if you’re looking for a non-stop Die Hard type action movie for three hours don’t go see this. The fine details in the movie are great. Camera angles, lighting, tone of speech, etc… All of it really sells the plot and suspense. Extremely well acted and the villain in the film will either win an Oscar for his performance or cause an uproar for not winning. He’s that good. Creepiest guy ever. I’d be interested in talking to someone that saw it already. I have so many questions.



Kent said...

Back to the Santana trade. Have you guys seen anything (I know you don't have shit else to do, except read sports shit all day) on what Santana says about this trade.
I have a hunch his agent might say, hey if we get all 30 teams bidding next year you might get well above 150 mil, let's use the no-trade clause, pitch a cy young year and cash in. It's probably a long shot but I have not seen anything regarding what Santana thinks about these trades.

Buddha said...

Fuzz - Nice article, but I was a little disappointed. The only reason I read the post was because the stew looked REALLY good and was expecting a recipe or something, but nothing. Please do not mislead readers in the future. Thanks.

Dogg said...

I hate Greg Paulus. Don't ever put a photo up of him again. He degrades this blog.

Anonymous said...

This is why, this is why, this is why duke sucks.

Dogg said...

To anonymous: I'm sure you've seen the youtube clip with that little rant and it's hilarious. Will be up on this site soon!