Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is this the start of something?

“Every time you win, you're reborn; when you lose, you die a little.” – George E. Allen

The famous British author couldn’t say it any better about the recent shellacking the Minnesota Vikings put on the New York Football Giants. Leading up to this week, including me, everything you heard was negative. Even though we won last week, 4-6 isn’t a pretty record and we seemed like we were miles away from a playoff spot. That all changed.

I was back in my hometown for Thanksgiving break watching this game and on my drive back home the local sports radio show was insane. It’s amazing how quickly fans can change. With the loss from Detroit this week and our convincing win on the road against a strong NFC contender, people are back on the bandwagon. I’m pretty sure I tore my ACL trying to catch the bus as it was flying by my parent’s house. Everyone might not be completely on board, but people are starting to pay attention. This team isn’t dead and you know it. The remaining schedule is right out of the Duke non-conference book. Translation: It’s easy.

You may say easy is not the correct word to use but here are the records we face:

6-5, 3-8, 5-6, 5-6, and 5-6.

Granted we are only 5-6 also but tell me that doesn’t look appetizing? Three home games, two away games, four NFC teams and one AFC team. We have a shot ladies and gentleman! I can’t believe I’m saying that 11 games into the season with T-Jack as our QB but stranger things have happened I guess. This is probably a good time to point out that I thought we were going to get smashed against the Giants. I actually wrote this after our win against Oakland: “So we’ll enjoy this win this week only to get our doors blown out next week.” So saying this shouldn’t discount the fact that I like our chances heading into the last five games. Ok, it actually does discount the fact but it doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

All the football talking heads will tell you that you can win ball games with good defense and good running. We have both. Our defense was on full display this week. On the big New York stage the pretty in purple boys showed why they are considered one of the top units in the league. Four interceptions with three taken to the house. The most important touchdown pick was by Dwight “Block E” Smith sealing the game in the third quarter putting us up by 24 points. Ironically this was about the same time I ripped my ACL. I think he hit the 20-yard line and I was out the door.

With the win this almost guarantee’s the return of “All Day” next week. Minnesota’s superman was jumping up and down on the sidelines with all of the interceptions looking healthy enough for me to give him the nod for this week’s game. Bring him back baby; we’re in this puppy.

Two weeks ago against a strong NFC team in the Packers we perhaps played our worst game as a team. Against another strong NFC team in the Giants we perhaps played our best game as team. Thus no one can predict where this team is headed but I warming up to the idea of a late push by my favorite squad. I know he’s the coach and all but even Childress is warming up to the idea also. He said this after the game:

"2007 is not written yet. We were a footnote at 4-6, so it's significant because now you have a chance to be in the mix."

For all Childress shortcomings he usually gives you a very honest & realistic opinion on things involving this team. He’s buying into that things aren’t over. If he believes it that makes our chances even better because he’s not going to come off as fake & phony when he’s game planning for this weeks game against the Detroit Lions. Warning: Sports cliché to follow this sentence. This is the biggest game of the year. Detroit still holds the 6th seed in the playoffs. We win and we’re tied with them. We lose then we sit two games back. Like I said, this is the biggest game of the year.

George E. Allen was right though; us Viking faithful have been reborn with this latest win. This is going to be a fun week listening to all the hope pour back into the newspaper articles and radio show callers. However, this win and this coming week will all be erased with a loss to the Lions and we will die a little like George says. Sadly, maybe for good...


K said...

Fuzz - Knowing how versed you are in British literature, it's difficult for me to tell you that George Allen is a hall of fame NFL coach, not a famous British author.

Fuzz said...

To K-
Yes, you're right K. George Allen is a famous NFL coach. George Herbert Allen is the coach that coached the Rams and the Redskins. I know this

George E. Allen, the guy that the quote came from is an author from Britain from the 1800's. Type in famous quotes and George E. Allen in google and you'll get about 50,000 hits. The dude had to be famous. Will Hunting says it better:

Is that your thing, you come into a bar (blog), read some obscure passage and then pretend - you pawn it off as your own, as your own idea just to impress some girls, embarrass my friend?

K said...

You might want to also call the pro football hall of fame.