Monday, November 19, 2007

Voices from a stranger...

Today we’re introducing a new feature. The established writers at TKOT hope this goes well. Every week we’ll be posting someone else’s opinion on this site. A guest writer will get a spot on this prestigious site once a week. If all goes well this could blow up to a guest writer day. Instead of using the over used guest writer, you’ll be hearing from “strangers.” We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves so it will be just one post a week…for now! If you feel you’d like to do this just email the address and let us know. You can email that address to see if we already have one in line for that week or email your post for us to review. Also, if it’s not good it’s not going up. We are honest SOB’s that will say…hell no!

Without further ado this week’s entry comes from a knowledgeable sports fan from Minnesota currently living in Wisconsin that is an overrated fantasy football manager.

The Bag's ramblings

2008 NFL Draft. For those that know me, know that this is a big day for me. I love the draft. Almost better than Christmas. I love it for the Vikes and I love it for fantasy. So as I have been reading a fair amount the prospects and who's coming out, I think at this juncture the Vikes have to go QB. Unless of course T-jack turns his entire season around, wins us some games and shows some promise, I think we would be dumb to pass up on the QB talent in this draft. I believe Matt Ryan, Andre Woodson and Brian Brohm are top shelf QB prospects and we could get one of them.

If you look at the Vikes 4-6 record, it says two things: It hasn't been a great year in Minni; and we're getting a top 10-pick baby! I checked out other teams with similar records and turns out not a lot of those teams need QB's. So if the vikes keep the course their on (with Peterson out for the foreseeable future, I don't see them righting the ship), they could end up with a legit top 10 QB to build around. Sign McNabb for 2-3 years and let this new guy sit and be mentored, I don't care. But just don't pass up a legit franchise QB. I'm in the "T-jack is not the answer camp" and we need to do something about it.

Here is my 2008 mock top 10 draft. I have included the QB situation for each team.

1. Miami- Jake Long OT Michigan. They're real high on John Beck and I don't see them going QB. Long gives them something to build around and a good place to start is LT.

2. St. Louis- Glenn Dorsey DT LSU. Just gave Bulger a pile of money...take that for what it's worth, but I doubt you see QB here. The Rams need help all over on D and I can't see them passing up Dorsey, who many see as the best player in college FB.

3. N.Y. Jets- Darren McFadden RB Arkansas. My guess is they could go QB, but they are high on Clemens, and I'm hoping he shows them something the next few weeks. I think after seeing what Peterson did for us, they might take McFadden, who's going to be a stud. Otherwise I would say Matt Ryan gets a lot of consideration here.

4. New England (from San Fran) - Chris Long DE Virginia. Yep, that's right, New England forfeits their pick, but gets San Fran's. As if they even need it. If Ryan is on the board I could see them trading down and stocking up later round picks. They're notorious for doing that. Otherwise I see them going DE and why not go Howie's little boy. Oh by the way, I don't think they go QB here.

5. Oakland- Calais Campbell DE Miami. They just gave a pile of money to their #1 pick, Mr. Russell. No QB here. Running back makes sense here but if McFadden is gone you're reaching for anyone else. Campbell gives them a speed rusher who could make an immediate impact.

6. Cincinnati- James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State. I don't think Carson is going anywhere soon. No way they go QB. So why not take the animal Jr. from Minni. I think this kid is legit. Some question his speed, but you wait, he's coming out this year and he's going high. I think along with John Carlson TE from Notre Dame, Minnesota could have two 1st round picks from their state. And Mason didn't get either one...bastard. Think of these two guys at the U now. Can you say, big men on campus?

7. Atlanta- Brian Brohm QB Louisville. I think they need a QB? Everybody loves Brohm back to Petrino. I would love to see Brohm in purple, though.

8. Vikings- Matt Ryan QB Boston College. I would love to see them go QB, With Brohm to Atlanta they could still end up with Matt Ryan or Andre Woodson. Or at least one of the three. This would give us more hope and combined with Peterson we could have a great offense that is built to last...well maybe.

9. Arizona Cardinals- Sedrick Ellis DT USC. I think they like Leinert, and aren't going QB either. Ellis is a monster and Arizona needs help in a lot of places. Everywhere but receiver. I could see them going OL here as well.

10. New Orleans Saints - Kenny Phillips S Miami. Obviously they love Brees and aren't going QB. Then again I don't think they're picking this high come April. Phillips is a stud though and everyone wants that legit S with what Bob Sanders, Polamolu, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, and Roy Williams are doing. I think if Vikes don't go QB they might even go with Phillips.

That's my first mock draft. Obviously very early. We still have no idea draft order as the season is barely over half over. But I want Brohm, Ryan or Woodson, and yes in that order.

A-Rod's re-signing

Could care less where he ends up, but I think if we're going to trade Santana we go after them hard right now. Go for the throat. Ask for Hughes, Joba and Melky. See what happens. They brought back A-Rod, they brought back Posada. They're going to bring back Rivera. They’re going to take a run and George is sick of not winning. He'll bet his future to win now. I am in the "let's sign Santana. But if we can't get rid of him ASAP and let's start re-building" camp.

What if we got Hughes and Melky? Losing Santana and Hunter if we have Melky and Hughes will soften the blow. We'll have a pile of money to go after free agents. Bring in Lowell, bring in Piazza. I don't care but I think if you trade Santana, the Yanks are prime suspects right now. They're going for it this year, and Jo-Hizzy gives them a legit chance.

I'm Out,
The Bag

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