Monday, April 14, 2008

10 Masters Thoughts

10) All golfers have hot wives. It never fails. If you make it on the PGA tour then good-looking women are sent to you. Some sort of golf god sends a box of women that you get to pick from. Like a box of 64 crayons with women in it. You just pick the color you like.

9) I thought Tiger looked off all week, yet he still finishes in 2nd place. His driver failed him most of the week and his putter failed him on Sunday. Woods seems like he’s always right in it every major though. I know he’s had a few lower finishes and one missed cut, but he’s almost a guarantee for a top 15 finish nowadays in a major tournament. It’s pretty impressive. However, I didn’t like how he opened his mouth about the Grand Slam. He needs to keep those thoughts bottled up and just play dominant golf.

8) Phil Mickelson is almost back. I knew once he blew that U.S. Open a couple years ago by doubling the last hole that good ole man boobies was going take a hit. It was going to be a big mental hurdle to get over. He’s almost there friends. This is the best I’ve seen him look since that tournament. He has the swagger back. He blew a good opportunity this week by shooting a 75 on Saturday, but he’ll win a major either this year or next.

7) Augusta has never looked better. It’s a little gay to say stuff like that, so I’ll leave it at that. But, it looked great this week. I think I’d pay a grand to play that course.

6) This is a year late, but can someone tell me what the hell happened last year in the Masters? I thought the -8 winning score made it seem like it was playing easier because of Zach Johnson’s winning score of +1 last year. Well, I had to check out the Masters history to see if I was right. I was way off. I only went back until 1990 and the highest score to win it besides the +1 last year was -7 in 2003. And a lot of years it’s -10+. Again, wtf happened last year? Were the players in a giant round robin cups or beer pong tourney every night?

5) Only four fellas went under par on Sunday. Shows you how hard the course was playing in the final day. Miguel Angel Jimenez who is 44 years old somehow shoots a -4. This is the guy that has the exact hair as Joakim Noah. I literally have no idea how he shot a 68 yesterday when everyone else was in the mid-70's. Good thing for Miguel, because that bumped up his pay by $175,000.

4) South Africa rules! Gary Player, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Trevor Immelman and Rory Sabbatini. That group has 15 majors and counting. Rory has zero and I hate the guy but he's probably going to win one. He's a pretty damn good golfer. Either way, that's a good group of names from a country not named the United States.

3) Brandt Snedeker is a funny looking guy. And once he addresses the ball he just goes. Love that. Also, I don't know if we'll ever hear about Steve Flesch rocket again in a major. I hope you enjoyed your run SteveO.

2) Keeping up with the tradition theme, the Masters gives away a whole bunch of gifts to the players for certain accomplishments. This I even didn't know. The runner-up receives a Sliver Medal and a Sterling Silver Salvar. Not really sure what the Salvar is, but I'm sure Tiger chucked it in the dumpster on his way out. On any day of the tournament if you shoot the lowest score in the field you recieve a Crystal Vase. And for every eagle that you get, you get a pair of Crystal Goblets.

1) Trevor Immelman will win a major again. This isn’t like Ben Curtis, Todd Hamilton, or Shaun Micheel. Maybe not even like a Zach Johnson or Mike Weir. Immelman has the swing, confidence and demeanor to win more of these and will. However, Trevor needs to work on his celebration. Easily the weakest double fist pump in history and then the wrestling bicep flex to the crowd was an interesting move also.


Bargs said...

Well, in the last 11 Masters and US Opens, the two biggest tournaments there are BY FAR, Tiger has how many wins??? Oh yeah, 1. Wow, he is soooo dominant. In those same 11 tournaments, Phil has 2 wins. That is great that Tiger can win all the other tourneys, but he can't win the ones that count. Just call him the Patriots.

Fuzz said...

Has Phil won a US Open? You know, one of those biggest tournaments BY FAR!

Dogg said...

Why are the US Open and Masters more important than the PGA Championship or the British Open? I actually don't know the answer but do golfers pride themselves more if they win the Masters over the British Open?

Bargs said...

If you don't think American Golfers would rather win a masters or US Open waaaay over a british open or PGA Championship, you are crazy. 1 of the last 11, such a lock.

Fuzz said...

13(Tiger)- 3(Phil). Learn about it. I was talking about top 15 finishes, also. He's not a lock to win it everytime, obviously. Since 1997, in top 15 finishes or better he's 31/45. Phil is 23/45. Both are pretty impressive but Tiger beats him by eight in the category I was talking about. The stats don't lie with Tiger--he's the best.

Dogg said...

Isn't it true though for European golfers the exact opposite? Wouldn't it mean much more to them to win the British Open over the US Open, PGA or Masters? Watching their reactions during these events the British is much more important to them.

Fuzz said...

If you want the world opinion, the British Open is the most important golf tourney in the world. It's where golf was originated and is played on some of the first courses ever made AND it's a major. As an overall global opinion, that major is the best.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. If you win a Major you have won a major. It does not matter at all. I do not think a pro golfer would care either way what major they won. just as long as they won at least 1.


Dogg said...

I think there is some truth to that but the Masters and British are definitely a little more prestigious than the PGA or U.S Open in my mind.