Thursday, April 10, 2008

Picture of the Day

Q: One of the greatest pictures in the world to kick off one of the best weekends of the year. So many great traditions at The Masters, but having the legends kick things off by teeing off on #1 before the first round starts has to be one of the coolest things in sports.

Fuzz: I had to pick a Masters picture on the day the greatest golf tourney in the world starts. The Masters is simply the best. As Q mentioned, so many weird/cool traditions at The Masters. The champions dinner on Tuesday (only past champions are invited, obviously. Last years winner picks the menu), the par 3 contest on Wednesday & the curse that goes with it (you don't want to win!), the skipping your ball over the water contest during the par 3 contest (just awesome if you've seen highlights), the honorary tee-shot to start the tourney off on Thursday morning (some old geezer hitting it 90 yards), the caddies wearing white coverall type things (they don't look comfortable), and finally the green jacket to the winner (the ugliest but coolest sport coat on the planet).

It's the only major to be played on the same course. You have things called "Amen Corner", "Ike's Pond", "Hogan's bridge", "The big oak tree" and "Magnolia Lane." The amateurs playing in the event stay in something called the "Crow's Nest." It is a small living area above the clubhouse. They all stay in one room but the bed is divided by cubicles. Another odd tradition. It should be noted that Augusta National is a little bit of a good ole' boys club, with it's strict membership guidlines. Strictly men. Either way, all these odd events/traditions are what make this tournament so unique.


SecretForce4Life said...

Almost as cool as the Kentucky Derby.

Pup Money said...

Now on the Tee, Lafferty, Daniel and Gilmore, Happy.