Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Q: Yeah, yeah, we get it. Hunter on a new team back at the Dome. Yippee. How many hits has that $90 million got them so far?

Dogg: Hunter is a loyal mother fucker and this guy was a train wreck last night when getting introduced. He’s been a part of the Twins organization for 15 years and known Gardy since he was 17 years old. No flippin way he wanted to leave but in today’s world it’s all about guys like Rod Tidwell “show me the money”. That’s what all these guys are concerned about and he might have a good year or two with the Angels but I say there is no way in hell he enjoys it half as much as he did in Minnesota. The standing ovation was deserved but we might forget about him real soon with Carlos “the real deal” Gomez manning CF.

Fuzz: Three things that I see in this picture: 1) The whole put your pants up to your knees with the high socks look as gone out of style. I only see one player doing this on the Angels row. If you see old pictures of ball players, everyone did this. Everyone. For some reason, I find that interesting that this has changed because baseball is the most throwback sport we have. 2) Give it up for the cord holders. I'm sure this is what they pictured when they went to school getting that broadcasting degree. 3) Hunter is a class act. I've always liked the chap. This shows it with his hat off and love to the Twins bench. Dogg is right, he left because the Angels doubled his salary but he will miss it here. I might miss the guy, too, but that doesn't mean I didn't pump my fist when Joe Nathan made him look silly in the 9th...

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