Monday, April 14, 2008

Picture of the Day

Q: And here we see members of the Boston Red Sox, the team with the most annoying fan base in the world. At first they were the loveable losers who couldn't win a title for 86 years. Then they won, acted like jerks, spent as much money as the Yankees on payroll, and won another title. Now no one can stand them and they've managed to become the most hated fans in baseball. Good work Boston.

Dogg: This photo shows just how good teams like the Red Sox are. They give Big Papi a day off and Mike Lowell is on the DL right now but their infield still consists of Kevin Youkilis (3B), Julio Lugo (SS), Dustin Pedroia (2B) and Sean Casey (1B). It just reminds me that teams like the Twins have no shot against teams like this even if they were to somehow sneak into the postseason.

Fuzz: Okay, well, uh... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. Okay, let's get two! Go get 'em.


Pup Money said...

"Should we tell the Yankees the truth and tell them we actually stored the t-shirt in THEIR dugout for the new stadium." "No, ahahahahaha"

Dogg said...

That is solid pup.

Is their a team in the league that laughs and giggles on the field more than Boston? I believe this does help them win baseball games. They are twice as relaxed as New York or any other good team in the league.