Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Idol Update

We are down to 9 contestants and like I said a month ago the boys are three times the singers as the girls. I don’t know if there is a clear cut favorite and that might be a good thing for every contestant as singers like Chris Daughtry looked like he was definitely going to be an American Idol before getting blind-sided like some chump would on Survivor. The performances lacked stardom for the most part last night but we’ll recap each singer’s performance which came from Dolly Parton’s collection of hits.

Brook White - She came out with an outfit that looked like it was from 1954 which never goes over well with me or Simon Cowell. I thought she had a little momentum going into tonight but she lost most of that momentum tonight. Her performance was a little boring and then she did the ultimate no-no by talking back to Simon. It seems like anybody who does that will be on the chocking block so I will be surprised if she isn’t in the bottom 3 tonight.

Carly Smithson – For some odd reason the judges absolutely are in love with this oddball. I don’t know if it’s the gigantic tattoo on her right arm. I believe she’s been mediocre each week but the judges including Simon, who might like her the most, seem to enjoy her performances each week. I do like her stage presence after she’s done singing the song. She listens to the judges and usually keeps her mouth shut when the rare negative comment comes from Randy. Her outfit caused Simon to say one of the funnier comments I’ve heard in years, “you better talk to the person dressing you real quick otherwise you will not advance in this contest”. Like he said, “I don’t lie, I tell it how it is”.

David Archuleta – The #1 overall pick in the Idol draft finally came back to life this week with a “hot one”. He had faltered a little bit the past couple of weeks but his best is better than any other contestant’s best as he showed tonight. His voice belts out noises that are higher and louder than Dally Parton’s normal voice (watch last night’s episode). I’d be surprised if he doesn’t finish in the top 5. I hope he can keep the touch and win me the fantasy idol.

David Cook – The last of 12 picks in the idol challenge has had a Sammy Sosa-like experience. He started as a nobody and now is one of the top stars this show has to offer this season. Fuzz, being the guy guru he is, pointed out that David had cut his hair and the hairstyle looked pretty on him. Whatever that is worth I have no idea but the judges have realized that his rocker has the talent to be the winner. I think he needs to mix in a performance that is something other than a rock version of the song but if he does that and does it well he just might be the next American Idol.

Jason Castro – This kid has not stopped smoking the wacky tobaccy since the show originated. He came out doing a song that had a soft rock and jazzy which made for the perfect song in my mind. Randy and Paula thought it was just ok and Simon thought it was terrible. It’s pretty much became automatic now that when I say the performance is good the judges think its dogshit. I did agree with Simon all night except for this performance. He’s been rock solid for 4 straight weeks and Fuzz is hoping he continues to eat those weed brownies every night so he can continue to stay atop the standings.

Kristy Lee Cook – Her looks have to be keeping her in this competition because her singing efforts are lame. The judges said she had her best performance this week and/or last week but none of the three judges could give her all that much praise. I thought she should’ve been booted weeks ago but after another “solid” performance as Randy would put it, she’ll probably grab enough votes with that comment and her body alone. Looks, she’s probably #1, singing talent she’s close to a zero. Fuzz selected her in the Idol draft but he’s all but given up hopes that she’s a winner.

Michael Johns – “Turkey Tom” is quickly rising up the charts. Even though he looks like he could be David Archuleta’s father he’s been on top of his game the past few weeks. He has grown on me a little bit kind of like Elliot did a couple years ago. He looks like just a dude who could hang out and might have the best stage presence out of anybody this season. He hasn’t said shit back to Simon or the other judges other than “thank you” which elevates him in all aspects according to me and I know Simon as well. Fuzz is gaining hope like I did this year with Braylon Edwards in fantasy football and the end result might be similar.

Ramiele Malubay – This is another singer that has been just average in my mind and don’t see her competing to much longer. Simon ripped her and I thought she was about to cry. Another stellar line from Simon saying “like we’ll remember that in 10 years” very sarcastically. Besides Q looking at her and drooling every week this schoolgirl look alike doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. Fuzz is praying that looks get her moving forward each week but that’s a long shot.

Syesha Mercado – WOW! I don’t remember what she sang or how it even sounded because she looked as good as any girl ever has on idol. Kind of a unique hairdo and a yellow dress that pimped her out like no other. The judges seemed to be satisfied and being on the rocks last week should change this week because she was not one of the worst 3. Hopefully America gets it right this week because Syesha should be safe. I don’t care if she sings well but keep her on this show so I get eye candy every Tuesday night!

All in all I don’t see a girl winning the competition this year. I believe the final 3 will all be males (Castro, Archuleta and Cook). We had some readers out there who thought the girls were much better than the guys but I hope that tone has changed over the past few weeks. The girls have no talent and don’t understand why the judges were saying since day 1 that this group of singers has more talent than any other year. That is total BS to me and the only judge that might actually think that is Paula because she hasn’t stopped taking shots since last season. My prediction to be the winner right now is Jason Castro. I would love to see a straight dude like this take home the crown.


Fuzz said...

In no way did I say it looked pretty. Every thing else is accurate. You miss quote me again, I'll have you with the rest of the bodies under the floor. Seriously.

Dogg said...

Don't worry, Q and I know what was said.

Mr. Cue said...

The word "pretty" may not have been used, but there were some definite undertones to the comments regarding his new hairstyle (that only Fuzz noticed).

Fuzz said...

Thank you Q! That's all I ask. Don't misquote me, everything else is legit. I'm not taking this too seriously since it's coming from a fellow fantasy idol participant and writer of an idol recap.

Dogg said...

Maybe "cute" wasn't said but something to that affect definitely was.

Dogg said...

Like I said, Ramiele Malubay doesn't have much of a shot and will be gone soon. Well, after last nights vote we say goodbye to her.

Dogg said...

My comment about Castro winning was wishful thinking because I think he's just a "dude". My top 4 at this moment are: Cook, Archuletta, Johns and Brook in no particular order.