Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picture of the Day

Dogg: It looks like that photo is from the Avalanche/Wild game and they are saying bring back the mullet? Don’t a lot of hockey players have a modified version of mullets? Why are some fans so stupid?

Q: You know, some sports' fans get unfairly pigeonholed into a certain stereotype. Most of the time they are outdated, if not flat out incorrect. But then you find idiots like these two, who show the rest of the country that this is how their sport should be judged. Nice move geniuses.

Fuzz: Ladies & Gentleman, my roommates and co-writers of TKOT--Q & Dogg! Don't believe a word they are saying above, these two goons are Mr. Cue and Dogg!

1 comment:

Pup Money said... says it all about those clowns. Read "Test" in the website, funniest shit ever. It's kinda old but HILARIOUS.