Friday, April 4, 2008


Q: That was a heck of a party at Leinarts place last night.

Dogg: Is sumo wrestling a job? Do you earn money for wins like you would in golf? I think its great entertainment but looking at that particular picture makes me want to throw up all over my computer. Can a sumo wrestler be white or black? Or do they have to be Japanese/Chinese?

Fuzz: Dogg, maybe you should try Sumo wrestling. Thoughts? Then I think you'd get your answer if they accept a 145 pound white man in their "sport." What I'm impressed by is that I weigh a good 150+ pounds less than these fatty's yet I don't think I could pull off that stretch. These gentleman are truly unique. I also don't understand why they have to wear those diaper type thongs either. Why? Can't we cover that cottage cheese you have rocking back there? So many questions.


Pup Money said...

Caption - Next time we should take a page out of Kids in a Sandbox.

Anonymous said...

you heard it here at TK ON TOAST first that Memphis is Good.